British Cycling supports government consultation to allow use of new traffic signs

British Cycling supports government consultation to allow use of new traffic signs

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Yesterday the government launched a consultation to allow the use of new traffic signs designed to accommodate cycling more easily in junctions and roads design.

British Cycling’s ‘Time to #ChooseCycling’ recommendations called for an ‘overhaul’ of traffic regulations to ‘allow local authorities flexibility to introduce innovative new infrastructure’. While the regulations have not been overhauled, the proposed updates will allow use of many traffic sign features used in Germany and Denmark which allow safe and convenient cycling routes.

Changes include allowing:

  • Cycle filter signals
  • New road markings to help indicate cycle routes through junctions
  • Wider cycle lane markings
  • Greater flexibility in designing 20mph zones and limits
  • Low-level mini signals, and cycle filters giving cyclists a ‘head start’
  • New shared use cycle and zebra crossings

Chris Boardman, British Cycling’s policy adviser said:

“These new traffic signs will allow local authorities to more easily accommodate the needs of cycling into roads design. Features such as cycle-only filter signals and shared crossing-points will make junctions safer and more convenient for people on bikes. The government has listened to the cycling cities who want to create better cycle routes to help achieve their aims of making cycling a priority transport option.

"However these designs can only take us so far. We still need the leadership to ensure these designs make it onto our roads, a national commitment to grow cycling levels, and it must be backed by a long term budget-line. Only then can we say that the Prime Minister’s ambition of creating a ‘cycling revolution’ can be achieved.”

Robert Goodwill MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport said:

“These proposals represent significant changes to the existing regulatory regime, arising from the recommendations of a broad range of stakeholders as part of the traffic signs policy review. The proposed changes include: reductions in sign lighting requirements; measures to help improve road user understanding, reduced sign clutter and a range of improvements for cyclists.”

The consultation period began on 1 May 2014 and will run until 12 June 2014. View the consultation document