Transport Select Committee calls for Government leadership on road safety

Transport Select Committee calls for Government leadership on road safety

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Martin Gibbs, British Cycling’s Policy and Legal Affairs Director said, “We share the Committee’s concern about road casualties and we agree with them that the Government should step up and provide stronger leadership on road safety. People’s right to travel safely is too important to be subject to a post code lottery with road safety varying widely between local authorities.”

British Cycling also welcomes the report’s focus on cycling, including its recommendation that the Department for Transport respond to the eight points of the Times Cities Fit for Cycling campaign.

As the Committee notes there is so much that the Government could do to improve road safety, from requiring better driver training and testing, working on younger driver behaviour, requiring all HGVs to be fitted with safety technology, rolling out 20mph limits in residential areas and designing safety into road infrastructure. Policy decisions on issues like these sit with the Department for Transport and we need their leadership.

The report notes that the Department of Transport is considering a THINK! Campaign focused on raising awareness of cycle safety. This is a key action in British Cycling’s Road Safety Manifesto and we urge the Department implement such a campaign in the very near future as a demonstration of political leadership.

British Cycling will be watching closely to see how the Department for Transport responds and will work with it to prioritise road safety for all road users and promote mutual respect. The full report can be downloaded here.

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