Member Stories - Collision in the cycle lane

Member Stories - Collision in the cycle lane

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British Cycling member Peter Robinson has successfully recovered damages in relation to a road traffic accident, which occurred on 31 March 2009, as he was cycling along B4100 in Banbury.

As Peter was travelling on his bicycle along the B4100 in Banbury, there was a column of traffic on Peter’s offside and a number of parking bays on his nearside. The third party was also travelling along the B4100 in the opposite direction, intending to turn into parking bays.

One of the vehicles travelling in the column of traffic on Peter’s offside stopped to allow the third party to cross the line of traffic and cycle path leading to the parking bays. As the third party crossed the cycle lane, Peter’s path was blocked and he was unable to avoid a collision, despite his best efforts. Peter struck the third party’s vehicle and flew over the bonnet, landing heavily on the road.

As a result of the impact Peter was thrown from his bicycle and sustained personal injury, damage to his bicycle and other consequential losses.

Liability for the accident was admitted by the defendant. Peter received compensation for his personal injury and the damage to his bicycle.

Peter, was represented by Tamsin Keogh in Leigh Day and Co’s Cycling and Sports Injuries Team and his claim was supported and funded by British Cycling.

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