Let's Change the Way We Move

Let's Change the Way We Move

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Our ambition is to transform Britain into a great cycling nation and in order to do that, we need to change the way we move.

In working together with our members, partners and wide range of stakeholders, we are building our collective voice to campaign for change, undertaking innovative research projects to help us understand what is currently stopping people from cycling - and what we can do to overcome those barriers.

Working together

There is a big challenge ahead and we can’t tackle it on our own. Together with our ambitious and progressive partners, we are transforming Britain at the grassroots level and putting power into the hands of everyday cyclists, everywhere.


Cycling has strong support across the political landscape, with influential figures speaking up for the power of the bicycle. Take a moment to hear from the likes of Chris Boardman, Will Norman, Dame Sarah Storey, Brian Deegan and our CEO, Julie Harrington.

Cycling workplaces

There are some great examples of workplaces going above and beyond to support their employees to ride into work, but many others that currently don’t measure up. Hear about the excellent employers making it easy to commute by bike – and get some ideas for how your workplace could evolve.

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