Boardman welcomes Scottish budget boost for cycling and walking

Boardman welcomes Scottish budget boost for cycling and walking

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British Cycling’s policy advisor, Chris Boardman, has welcomed the announcement that cycling and walking will be further prioritised in Scotland.

The Scottish Government confirmed yesterday that it would be doubling funding for active travel, increasing annual investment from £40m to £80m.

Boardman said: “This announcement is a huge step forward for active travel – cycling and walking – in Scotland. For the Scottish Government to back up its stated desire to build a healthier, more prosperous nation with such a financial commitment is very encouraging, and should act as an example to authorities throughout the UK.

“It is now vital that this money is invested in projects which will truly benefit Scottish people – projects which genuinely make it easier and more convenient for people to choose active travel and which therefore lead to greener, healthier, happier communities.”

Craig Burn, chief executive of Scottish Cycling, added: “The news that the active travel budget will be doubled is fantastic, and a testament to the work of cycling campaigners in Scotland. We at Scottish Cycling – along with our colleagues at British Cycling – will now endeavour to work as closely as possible with the government to ensure that this investment truly benefits cyclists throughout the country.”