British Cycling welcomes APPG's report on Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

British Cycling welcomes APPG's report on Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

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British Cycling has welcomed the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Cycling’s recommendations to strengthen the government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS).

The draft of the CWIS was released last month, and sets out how the government believes it can fulfil its “ambition to create and walking and cycling nation”.

However, the strategy has been strongly criticised for a lack of adequate investment and effective leadership and – in the report released this week - the APPG has recommended that the government displays:

  • Strong ambition to see a cycling revolution
  • Greater investment in cycling
  • Clear direction that cycling is a national priority
  • Robust measures to gauge progress nationally and locally
  • Improving quality of cycle infrastructure design
  • Deregulation of street design
  • An updated Highway Code
  • Action to improve enforcement of traffic laws

This report follows an evidence session at which key figures including the Minister for Cycling and British Cycling’s policy advisor, Chris Boardman, were asked to speak.

British Cycling’s campaign manager, Martin Key, said of the APPG’s report:

“We welcome the report from the APPG. The organisation plays a vital role in holding the government to account, so it is extremely positive to once again see the broad cross-party support for cycling to be taken seriously as a transport solution.

“The report highlights the concerns already raised by British Cycling regarding the lack of investment and clears outcomes for the strategy. We now urge the government to take notice, act and publish an effective final strategy before the opportunity to transform our transport network for the better is lost.”