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The #ChooseCycling Network

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Formed by British Cycling in March 2015, the #ChooseCycling Network is a group of British businesses, with a workforce in excess of 700,000 people, that strongly believe more cycling would be good for their workforce and customers.

Meeting a couple of times a year, the group believe that the promotion of cycling and walking as everyday transport options are crucial to help business thrive, to encourage people to live healthier lives and to make Britain a more pleasant place to live.

There are clear benefits for our staff, our customers and our businesses in putting cycling at the heart of transport policy. People who cycle regularly have fewer days off sick, are more motivated and suffer from fewer of the serious conditions caused by a lack of physical activity. More cycling can help retail businesses on our high streets thrive. Studies in New York City – on the streets where cycling lanes have been installed – have seen retail sales go up by 150%.

In March 2015, the Network wrote a joint open letter to the leaders of British political parties to urge them to form an integrated transport strategy for cycling.

In November 2015, the Network wrote to the Chancellor ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review asking him to leave room in public finances to fund a credible Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.

Evidence shows that if people are presented with safe and accessible routes to their place of work, many of them will make that choice, saving them money, improving their fitness and cutting their journey time.

Members of the #ChooseCycling Network are encouraged to share best practice about promoting cycling among their workforces. They also receive support from British Cycling on a range of cycling-related subjects – from providing better facilities for staff to delivering cycle training.Businesses in the #ChooseCycling network

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