Chris Boardman Q and A

Chris Boardman Q and A

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We posed your questions to British Cycling policy adviser and Olympic gold medallist Chris Boardman – here are his answers, and a picture of his tree-house...

Shaun Ellis @picto65 asked: What can cyclists do to improve the attitudes of non-cycling drivers? Apart from obeying the Highway Code.

CB: A smile and a wave can be incredibly powerful and disarming. With those on the edge of getting angry, it can be a game changer. A bell too.

Gavin Wood @TwoWheelsWood asked: Why does a first-world country like the UK have such a third-world attitude to sustainable transport?

CB: Because we make decisions emotionally, not logically and think only short term. To change, it’s hearts we have to capture, not minds.

John Pakey @JohnPakey_LE asked: Chris, how can I convince my wife to allow me to buy a road bike? She's not budging. Or should I buy one and not tell her?

CB: Your wife is always right (mine just told me). Although a quid-pro-quo arrangement might work.

Dirt Factory @Dirt_factory asked: Hi Chris, we have indoor Velo and BMX facilities. What do you think of the UK's first indoor MTB centre?

CB: Didn’t know it was finished (been watching the website). Brilliant idea, look forward to seeing it.

Thomas Irps @BodyRocketTom asked: Do you foresee any new road racing technologies being restricted or included into UCI policy?

CB: Discs in and weight limit replaced with a safety standard. In three years, majority of gears will electric and wireless plus lots of other stuff.

Anna Semlyen @AnnaSemlyen1 asked: Do you think cyclists when driving should drive at 20mph in built-up areas?

CB: All vehicles - including cyclists - should obey the speed limit and that limit should favour walkers and cyclists. In built-up areas 20mph max.

Simon Cramp (via email) asked: What is your most special moment either in your career on the track or your role off the track with British Cycling?

CB: Honestly, right now. We are on the edge of changing our country's culture in favour of bikes for transport. That’s bigger than bike racing.

Sasha Dyke (via email) asked: What gave you the greatest satisfaction winning Olympic Gold or wearing the Yellow Jersey/Stage win in Le Tour?

CB: I’d have to say both were topped by finishing my tree house!

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