British Cycling praises Bristol City Council’s commitment to cycling after £35 million pledge

British Cycling praises Bristol City Council’s commitment to cycling after £35 million pledge

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British Cycling campaigns manager, Martin Key, has praised Bristol City Council’s commitment to cycling after they pledged to spend £35 million on cycling by 2020.

The financial commitment, which equates to £16 a year per head of Bristol’s population, aims to increase the current number of journeys made by bike from 8% to 20% of all journeys.

The range of improvements, set out in Bristol Cycling Campaign’s Cycling Manifesto and adopted as council policy, will include safe cycling links across the city aimed to encourage people commuting to work to choose the bike instead of the car or public transport.

Key said: “It is fantastic to see a city like Bristol making a sustained and considerable financial commitment to choose cycling.

"Bristol City Council have set a great example to other cities across the country and to national government. The main thing we need to get more people riding on bikes is proper infrastructure and that does cost money.

"However the benefits are there for all to see, in terms of easing congestion on busy roads, cutting levels of pollution and tackling rising obesity levels."

BMX world champion Liam Phillips had previously written to Bristol City Council, calling on them to implement the recommendations in British Cycling’s #ChooseCycling 10 point action plan.

The economic benefits to the city are a major part of selling the plan and Bristol City Council is hoping to attract further investment to implement their plans.

Bristol mayor George Ferguson said: “Cycling is good for the economy. A healthy workforce, which arrives to work less stressed and on time, is better for productivity and good health.

"I am confident that this document will help Bristol attract more funding to the city for improvements as it gives us the benefit of a clearly defined framework.”

British Cycling works in partnership with Bristol City Council to get more people on bikes. For more information visit