Boardman attends annual MPs bike ride to lobby parties to #choosecycling

Boardman attends annual MPs bike ride to lobby parties to #choosecycling

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British Cycling’s policy adviser Chris Boardman today attended the annual Parliamentary Bike Ride to put pressure on MPs to make cycling a priority in party manifestos ahead of next year’s election. 

Representatives from British Cycling joined MPs and key figures in cycling for the annual All Party Parliamentary Bike Ride in London early this morning. The ride promotes cycling in parliamentary circles, but also provides an important lobbying and networking function for the attendees.

Commenting on the ride, Chris Boardman said:

“The Parliamentary Bike Ride is an important reminder of the fantastic work done by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling and in co-ordinating the Get Britain Cycling inquiry.

“We’re now nine months on since 100 MPs voted unanimously to endorse the recommendations of the report which includes a minimum spend on cycling of £10 per hear per year to transform our towns and cities.

“I’m here today to tell MPs of all political persuasions that cycling is the answer to many of the problems Britain is facing today. Choosing to prioritise cycling as a preferred form of transport would make our nation fitter, healthier and greener. Now we just need to see some solid commitments about providing leadership and sustained investment to make this a reality.”

Today’s annual bike ride saw over 80 people riding through Hyde Park to Parliament.

Julian Huppert, co-chair of the All Party Cycling Group told attendees that the Liberal Democrats are committed to the Get Britain Cycling recommendations, including funding starting at £10 per head rising to £20.

Sarah Wollaston, a member of the All Party Group and a Conservative MP said: “I'd love to see our party put cycling on the main stage and it is vital that we provide long term funding.”

Shadow transport secretary Mary Creagh said: “I want to see an end to the stop start funding that we have seen. It's vital we have safe routes for walking and cycling. We will also commit to cycle-proof all new road schemes at the design stage. We're looking at everything in the policy review and I'm hoping for something transformational for cycling.”

British Cycling launched its Time to Choose Cycling ten point plan in Parliament in February.