British Cycling welcomes low level signals for cyclists at Bow Roundabout

British Cycling welcomes low level signals for cyclists at Bow Roundabout

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British Cycling has welcomed Transport for London’s announcement of the installation of the first low level traffic signals specifically designed to help cyclists.

The installation, at the Bow roundabout, of these signals forms part of Boris Johnson’s Vision for Cycling in London, the £913m plan designed to transform cycling in the capital.

The Bow roundabout has been in the headlines a number of times over the last couple of years after three cyclists were killed at the junction.

While low levels signals have become increasingly common across a number of European nations in recent years, they had never previously been approved for use in the UK. During trials, carried out in partnership with Department for Transport last year, more than 80 per cent of cyclists favoured the use of low-level signals, which repeat the signal displayed on main traffic lights at the eye level of cyclists.

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “Innovative measures such as this are just one of a number of new safety initiatives we’ve been pushing for as part of my vision for cycling. We look forward to continuing to work with the government on many more measures to help make cycling even safer, more attractive and convenient for Londoners.

British Cycling’s campaigns manager, Martin Key, said: “We welcome Transport for London’s announcement and are pleased to see low level traffic lights being brought into use at Bow Roundabout.

"They have been used successfully across Europe and make it easier for cyclists to know when it is safe for them to ride through the junction.

"These lights and other cycle friendly measures should be available to use not only in London but across the whole country over the next couple of years. Anything that can be done to improve the experience of cycling on busy roads can only be a positive move and it’s fantastic to see Transport for London leading the way.”