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British Cycling welcomes London Councils' commitment to making HGVs safer

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Published: 13 December 2013
Report: British Cycling

British Cycling has today welcomed steps by London Councils to improve the safety of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), including setting minimum safety requirements and considering peak time restrictions.

At a meeting yesterday, London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee agreed to have a public consultation about changing the conditions of the London Lorry Control scheme to require HGVs to fit cycle safety measures such as side guards and extra mirrors.

London Councils is also considering extending the night time ban into the peak-time rush hour on the busiest streets at the busiest times. This move would require a change to the original Traffic Order.

"London Councils is showing real leadership by taking practical steps to improve cycle safety by closing the outdated loopholes in HGV regulations." 

British Cycling’s Campaigns Manager, Martin Key

British Cycling’s Campaigns Manager, Martin Key, said:

“London Councils is showing real leadership by taking practical steps to improve cycle safety by closing the outdated loopholes in HGV regulations. Although these measures only apply to vehicles covered by the permit scheme it is a move that says more and safer cycling is a priority for Londoners.

“We have been consistently calling for the Mayor to research options for restricting HGV movement at peak times. The London Councils can play a key role in moving this forward as they have the experience of managing the current restriction scheme and understand what works for their communities.”

London Councils is responsible for the London Lorry Control Scheme which works by restricting the movement of HGVs over 18 tonnes in London between 9pm and 7am on weekdays and between 1pm on Saturdays and 7am on Mondays.

During these times, lorries are restricted to a limited ‘excluded route network’ unless they have been granted specific permission to use other roads. The London Lorry Control Scheme balances the need of Londoners to get a good night’s sleep with those of the freight industry to make deliveries. There are currently 56,000 permit holders.

EU and UK legislation requires that most HGVs to have side guards and close proximity mirrors fitted. However, many construction vehicles, tipper trucks, cement mixers and waste vehicles are currently exempt from these requirements.

The committee also agreed to consider altering the London Lorry Control Scheme permit conditions to restrict the number of lorries allowed to drive in London during the morning rush hour.