Member Stories - Vehicle flees scene of incident

Member Stories - Vehicle flees scene of incident

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British Cycling member Peter Hey successfully recovered damages in relation to a road traffic accident, which occurred on 8 August 2012, as he was cycling along Bury Road towards Rochdale.

As Peter was travelling on his bicycle he approached a junction where there was a vehicle stationary, waiting to turn right. Peter had right of way so proceeded through the junction however, as Peter was doing so the vehicle accelerated in an attempt to get across the junction before Peter and in doing so drove into a collision with Peter.

The vehicle which hit Peter didn’t stop and drove off from the scene of the accident. As a result of the impact Peter Hey was thrown from his bicycle and sustained personal injury, damage to his bicycle and other consequential losses.

Peter contacted Leigh Day in order to pursue a claim for his personal injury and the damage to his bicycle. Unfortunately, because the vehicle had driven off the claim had to be pursued through the Motors Insurers Bureau under the ‘Untraced Drivers Agreement’. The Motors Insurers Bureau were however, prepared to deal with the claim and proceeded to settle Peter’s claim.

Peter was represented by Jonathan Pryke, a solicitor in Leigh Day’s Cycling and Sports Injuries Team and his claim was supported and funded by British Cycling.