Organising your first event


BMX events are full to the brim with all day action which begins with qualifying heats called ‘motos’, before progressing onto knockout rounds until the final to determine the overall winner. Up to eight riders compete on tracks which feature large start ramps, sweeping berms and a variety of jumps and rhythm sections. 

The following questions will help you to decide whether you want to host an event.


What type of event should I run as a first time organiser?

All BMX racing generally follow a similar format with multi rider starts being the most popular. Time-trial races take place occasionally with individuals racing against the clock to set the fastest time over a track.

British Cycling recommends that any first time organiser for BMX seek support from a current organising club who will be able to offer guidance. Please contact your Regional Events Officer for further assistance in finding a club to support near you.

Who should I run the event for?

BMX race categories start from as young as four years old and is unlimited thereafter. Many race meetings cater for a variety of age groups on 20 inch wheel BMX. There is also a larger 24 inch wheel cruiser class that is popular with some riders.


If you are unsure of the categories you would like to run the races for your Regional Events Officer will be able to provide you support.     


Where should I host the event?

BMX has many static purpose built venues across Britain with various layouts available. Most clubs if not all clubs have their own venue so contacting your local club is very important if you are looking to organise an event. Use the Club Finder tool on the British Cycling website to see which club are near you.


When should I host the event?

You don’t want to clash with a similar event on the same day so do a bit of research on when certain events are planned to run. Existing organisers usually stick to the same or similar date year after year so check previous seasons race calendars so that you avoid clashes with other events close by in your region. You’re Regional Events Officer will be able to guide you on a date if you are still unsure.


Why should I host an event?

People organise for a variety of different reasons. For some it offers the opportunity to give something back to the sport. Other people find it provides the opportunity to develop a new skill, and build experience and knowledge of the sport.


If you are still interested in organising an event please contact your Regional Events Officer