Frequently asked questions


How do I register my event?

You can register your event using our event management system (EMS). Before you can register an event you need to be given the event organiser tab on your membership dashboard. Contact the events team on 0161 2074 2020 or your REO to get the tab added.


Do I need first aid at my event?

Yes, there needs to be appointed first aiders and that must be their only job at the event. It will depend on the size of your event as to the amount of first aiders you will need and the kit they need to carry. Speak to a few first aid providers and they will usually be able to advise you about what you need and you will be able to compare quotes.


Do I need officials?

In order to make your comply with the British Cycling rules and regulations and ensure the racing is fair it is a requirement that trained officials are used at the event.


Should I have a programme for the event?

Yes to give all the riders and spectators a clear outline of the event schedule and anything additional they need to know. It will help you as well as you can just point them to the programme rather than having to answer the same question multiple times.


Do I need to include practice time in the schedule for riders?

At least one official practice session must precede the racing at any event. Separate practice times should be allocated to each class with a minimum time allowance that allows all competing riders to complete at least four laps including practicing gate starts.