2012 British BMX Series Round 2 - Event Information

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On arrival, please follow the 'BMX Event' car parking signs.  The National Cycling Centre (NCC) has 2 main car parks for events and an agreement with the local Asda Supermarket and Sport City for further parking.  Due to the recent completion of the Velopark Bridge, parking in the Asda car park is convenient for accessing the NCC.

Registration and Sign on Times

Registration for this event is via British Cycling’s online registration system.  There is no paper entry format, so for those not taking advantage of the online system, entry on Friday evening and Saturday morning will still be available.  All riders, even those that have pre-registered must sign on and make the registration staff aware of your arrival.  Any riders not signing on will be deleted from the start list.

  • Registration will be available in the main reception area of the NCC on

- Friday the 17 February 6pm until 8pm

- Saturday the 18 February 10am until 1pm

  • Cash or cheques made payable to British Cycling are acceptable.
  • You will pick up your event wristband at registration/sign on

Entry Fees

Pre-registration costs:

  • Link to Pre Entry: www.britishcycling.org.uk/bmx
  • Pre entry Dates: 30January until 8pm on 14 February 2012
  • Deadline for withdrawal: 11am on 10 February email: bmx@britishcycling.org.uk
  • Male and Female up to 16: £15.00 (20” & 24”)
  • Male and Female 17+ /Junior: £20.00 (20” & 24”)
  • Elite Men: £25.00
  • Saturday Evening SX Open: £25.00 (riders must be born in 1995 or before)

On the day entry:

  • Male and Female up to 16: £17.00 (20” & 24”)
  • Male and Female 17+/Junior: £22.00 (20” & 24”)
  • Elite Men: £27.00
  • Saturday Evening SX Open: £27.00 (riders must be born in 1995 or before)


1. The youngest category for riders using clipless pedals is13 years or above.

2. All competing riders must have a valid Silver or Gold membership and a 2012 British Cycling licence.  No 2012 licence = No race

3. Non UK riders must have a valid 2012 UCI affiliated licence. No 2012 licence = No race

4. BC BMX Racing Regulations apply to all events over the weekend.

5. The Race Format will be as per National Series Regulations. Where there are run offs to decide tied results after Moto 3 they will be run immediately after the Motos.

6. Elite Men & SX Supercross Men will race from the 8m hill and use all Pro sections

7. SX Supercross Women will use the 8m hill and use all Challenge sections

8. Junior Men will race from the 5m hill and use the 2nd and 3rd straight pro sections

9. All other categories will race from the 5m hill and only use the Challenge sections.

10. Number Plates

a) The required background colour must be clearly visible around and in-between all numbers used.  The background colour must not be cut down to follow the contours of a number, but may be cut to follow the design of the number plate or to form one straight line defining the edge of the background.

b) All riders must compete using their final standing from the 2011 British BMX Series. Exceptions are:

2011 British Champions - 01

2011 World finalists - Prefix W

2011 European finalists - Prefix E

Any rider not competing in the 2011 series - Last 3 digits of your BC membership number

Non UK riders - Bring your own plate and we will advise you if the number needs to change

Male 20” - Yellow background – Black numbers

Female 20”  - Blue background – White numbers

Cruiser 24” - Red background – White numbers

Elite Men - White background – Black numbers

Junior Men & Championship women - Black plate – White numbers

SX Open - Any colour

Series Points

A rider’s best 7 results from 11 rounds will count for points. Rounds 1-2 will form stage 2 of the qualification races for the World Championships in accordance with the qualification procedure already published.

Points table:


Moto x 3

B Final

A Final





































6 & under

6 & under

9-12, 13-14

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


15-16, 17-29

17-24, 25-29,



Master (30+)



Veteran (40+







Championship (17+)

17-29 Female

SX Open (Saturday 17 years + race)

SX Open (Saturday 17 years + race)

30+ Female


Prize Money & Awards

Awards will be given to the top 3 in the following categories.  Awards will be presented after each final.



6 & Under Boys

6 & Under Girls

7 Boys / 8 Boys

7-8 Girls

9 Boys / 10 Boys

9-10 Girls

11 Boys / 12 Boys

11-12 Girls

Prize Money: Due to online entry, prize money may have to be paid after the event by British Cycling.


Elite Men


Championship Women

Junior Men

Open (Women)

£500 minimum

Open (Men)

£1000 minimum

















































Schedule – Friday

Registration/Rider Check in from 6pm until 8pm in the reception area

SX & Junior Men Training

This session is controlled by British Cycling Coaches. To access this session, riders must be pre registered in the SX Open or Junior Men.

SX Women Practice -  3pm until 4pm

SX Open Men - 4pm until 5.30pm

Junior Men (no access to the 8m hill) - 5.30pm until 6pm

Open Practice

This session is controlled by the National Cycling Centre and will cost all participants £5.00.  All participants must be valid British Cycling or international licence holders.

12 and under - 6pm until 6.45pm

13 and over - 6.45pm until 7.30pm

Open to all - 7.30pm until 9pm

Schedule - Saturday 

Registration / Rider Check in from 10am until 1pm in the reception area

1. A copy of the pre registered riders will be posted in reception – ALL riders must check the list AND report to the check in desk. Any deletions or corrections to the list must be reported to registration

2. Riders not Pre-registered must register and pay the On the Day race fees at the Registration desk

3. At the close of Registration, any rider not having checked in will be removed from the rider list

4. As soon as possible after registration closes a final pre-race list will be published of all riders by class on the display boards. It is the rider’s responsibility to check their entry and report any errors to Race Administration no later than 30 minutes before the start of racing. No changes will be accepted after that time and any incorrect entries may be disqualified.

Saturday Practice (wristbands are required from 10.50am onwards)

Group 1 - (Male 6-10, Female 6-10) - 10am until 10.45am

Group 2 - (Male 11-15, Female 11-16) - 10.50am until 11.35am

Group 3 - (Male 16, 17-24 to Veteran, Champs Female) - 11.40am until 12.25pm

Group 4 - Junior Men - 12.30pm until 1pm

Group 5 - (All Cruisers) - 1.05pm until 1.50pm

Saturday Cruiser Racing

Motos - 2:10pm until 3.40pm

Quarter Finals - 3.50pm until 4.10pm

Semi Finals - 4.20pm until 4.50pm

Finals - 5pm until 5.30pm

Saturday Supercross Schedule

Group 6 - SX Open Women Warm Up - 5.50pm until 6.15pm

Group 7 - SX Open & Elite Men Warm Up - 6.15pm until 6.45pm

Moto 1 -  7pm

Moto 2 - 7.20pm

Moto 3 - 7.40pm

Knock out Stage (Any ¼ & ½ finals) - 8pm

Finals - 8.30pm

Finish - 8.45pm (building cleared by 9.15pm)

Sunday Warm Up

Warm up with gates

Male 14 and under, Female 16 and under - 8am until 8.35am

Male 15 and over, Female 17 and over -  8.40am until 9.15am

Sunday Racing

Motos - 9.30am

Quarter Finals * - 1.45pm until 2.30pm

Semi Finals * - 2.45pm until 3.30pm

Finals * - 3.45pm

Target completion - 5.00pm

* Times may vary – please listen to announcements from the Commentators.

Please Note:

Schedules: especially on Sunday racing will be run with minimum delay - it is the rider’s responsibility to listen to commentary for the start of the next round of racing

Outside these specified Practice and Race times the track will be closed. Marshals and First Aid will not be available outside of these times.  Riders/Parents/Team Managers take full responsibility for any incidents that may occur.

Spectator Access

Spectator tickets can be purchased upon arrival. A weekend ticket costs:

  • Children and Adults with a licensed rider - £5.00 (2 day pass)
  • Children (0-3 years) with a licensed rider - Free (2 day pass)
  • Saturday or Sunday spectator pass - £5.00
  • Two day spectator pass -  £10.00
  • Please wear your wristband at all times.  No wristband = No access

Media Access

Please direct all event media enquiries to - bmx@britishcycling.org.uk

Event media enquiries between the 10 and the 17 February -  nhawker@blueyonder.co.uk

Please direct all British Cycling related media enquiries to - petermaxwell@britishcycling.org.uk


Catering is situated on the south side of the building and will be open for meals and snacks.  There will be vending machines all around the building and a small catering unit will be set up close to the spectator stands.


A trade area will be situated within the concourse area downstairs.  There will be no vehicle access to the concourse.  Set up will be Saturday and Sunday morning only.  Any retailer wishing to book or enquire about trade space should contact: bmx@britishcycling.org.uk or Tel: 0161 274 2022 before 10 Friday February.

Team Area - Inside

There are limited indoor team/club areas which are priced at £150 per 3m x 3m area.  The area is only 6m deep, so the maximum space is 6m wide by 3m deep.  Email: bmx@britishcycling.org.uk by February the 5th with the following details: Team Name, Space Required, Contact Name & Vehicle Registration

Team & Club Parking

All teams, clubs and traders will have 1 car parking pass, which will allow 1 vehicle to park next to the BMX Centre.  Each team and club not purchasing space indoors can also obtain 2 passes to allow access inside the BMX Arena to assist your riders.  These can be collected when purchasing spectator tickets.  Email: bmx@britishcycling.org.uk by 5 February with the following details: Team Name, Contact Name & Vehicle Registration


  • There is no on site camping.
  • The National Cycling Centre Postcode is M11 4DQ. 
  • There are several Hotels within a 1.5 miles radius. 
  • Search for Sport City Hotels, as the NCC is directly opposite Manchester City Football Stadium.


  • The NCC is 2 miles from Picadilly, Manchester’s main line station.
  • 1 mile from Ashbury’s, the closest railway station to the NCC
  • The NCC is 2.5 - 3 miles from central Manchester, including well known destinations such as:

-       Afflecks Palace

-       The Manchester Wheel at Exchange Square

-       The Northern Quarter

-       Printworks

  • The NCC is 9 miles from the Trafford Centre, 5 miles from Manchester United Football Stadium and 6 miles from The Lowry.
  • Within the Sport City complex, there is an Asda Supermarket stocking everything you may need.


Before 10 February - Roger Wilbraham -  bmx@britishcycling.org.uk -  0161 274 2022

From 10 February until the 17 February - Nicky Hawker - nhawker@blueyonder.co.uk - 07885 875213