2012 British BMX Series - Round 1 Rules

2012 British BMX Series - Round 1 Rules

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1) The youngest category for riders using clipless pedals is13 years or above.

2) All competing riders must have a valid Silver or Gold membership and a 2012 British Cycling licence. No 2012 licence = No race

3) Non UK riders must have a valid 2012 UCI affiliated licence. No 2012 licence = No race

4) BC BMX Racing Regulations apply to all events over the weekend.

5) The Race Format will be as per National Series Regulations. Where there are run offs to decide tied results after Moto 3 they will be run immediately after the Motos.

6) Elite Men & SX Supercross Men will race from the 8m hill and use all Pro sections

7) SX Supercross Women will use the 8m hill and use all Challenge sections

8) Junior Men will race from the 5m hill and use the 2nd and 3rd straight pro sections

9) All other categories will race from the 5m hill and only use the Challenge sections.

10) Number Plates

a) The required background colour must be clearly visible around and in-between all numbers used. The background colour must not be cut down to follow the contours of a number, but may be cut to follow the design of the number plate or to form one straight line defining the edge of the background.

b) All riders must compete using their final standing from the 2011 British BMX Series. Exceptions are:

2011 British Champions: 01
2011 World finalists Prefix W
2011 European finalists: Prefix E
Any rider not competing in the 2011 series: Last 3 digits of your BC membership number
Non UK riders - Bring your own plate and we will advise you if the number needs to change
Male 20” Yellow background – Black numbers
Female 20” Blue background – White numbers
Cruiser 24” Red background – White numbers
Elite Men White background – Black numbers
Junior Men & Championship women Black plate – White numbers
SX Open Any colour

Prize Money & Awards

Awards will be given to the top 3 in the following categories. Awards will be presented after each final.

Prize Money: Due to online entry, prize money may have to be paid after the event by British Cycling.


Series Points

A rider’s best 9 results from 13 rounds will count for points. Rounds 1-3 will form stage 2 of the qualification races for the World Championships in accordance with the qualification procedure already published.

Points table: