Deja Vu for Whyte as he makes second World Cup final in as many days

Deja Vu for Whyte as he makes second World Cup final in as many days

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Having made the final and finished eighth on Saturday in Argentina, Kye Whyte did exactly the same on Sunday in the final round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

The youngster finished his World Cup season with back-to-back finals, while Paddy Sharrock reached the semi-final stage in Santiago del Estero.

A steady start

Whyte continued his momentum to go through third in his first heat, following a great Round 7 the previous day where he reached the final.

Kyle Evans finished first in his Round 1 heat with a time of 31.880 to go straight through confidently, while Paddy Sharrock progressed having come fourth but Quillan Isidore withdrew from the competition.

All three that progressed then performed once again in the next round, Evans again finishing first in his heat, Whyte in second and Sharrock edging through in fourth to progress.

In round three, Sharrock was up first and once more he crossed the line in fourth to reach the quarter finals, while Evans and Whyte faced off in the final heat.

In a dramatic heat, Evans came out of his pedals on the second straight and his day was over, while Whyte just sneaked through after edging into fourth on the final straight.

Sharrock held his ground in the quarter-final and raced brilliantly to make it through in third, reaching the semi-final in Santiago del Estero.

Copying his compatriot, Whyte put down the moves to slide into fourth in his quarter-final and reach his second successive semi-final.

Head to head

The two remaining Brits lined up next to each other to face off in the first semi-final and both put in a solid shift.

But it was Whyte who made the final yet again in a photo finish with a time of 31.650, two seconds quicker than Sharrock, whose day ended there.

In the same lane at the same venue as the day before’s final, Whyte gave it his all in the last race of this season’s World Cup.

Despite putting himself in the mix after two corners, he didn’t quite have enough in the tank to challenge for the podium spots and came off the track, eventually crossing the line in a time of 46.205 to take eighth.