Cycle Commuting Guide - Peterborough

Cycle Commuting Guide - Peterborough


Peterborough is one of British Cycling’s partner cities, working together to get more city residents cycling more often, helped by the city’s host of cycle routes, cycle parking and other resources.

Cycle Route Provision

Peterborough proudly boasts over 250km of cycle paths in and around the town, making it one of the most well served towns in the UK. Peterborough is criss-crossed by three National Cycle Route (NCN) paths which form the backbone of the town’s cycle route provision.

NCN Route 12 runs north-south through the town on a mixture of on and off road path, entering the town in the north through the playing fields at Werrington before joining Lincoln Road and heading through town.

Running east-west through the town is NCN 63, a long distance path running from Burton-on-Trent to Wisbech. NCN63 follows the path of the River Nene to the east of the town, providing a semi rural off road route into the town centre. To the west of town, the route makes use of Peterborough’s extensive green-space and waterscape, leaving the town via Ferry Meadows country park, which in turn boasts a number of paths where cycling is permitted.

Augmenting the National Cycle Network route provision is the Peterborough ‘Green Wheel’, a continuous, 45 mile network of sustainable cycle routes, linking the town with Northborough, Yaxley and King’s Delph.

Click here to download Peterborough City Council's Cycle Map

Cycle Parking

Peterborough City Council, together with Travelchoices, is building an extensive network of cycle parking facilities in and around the city and invite feedback from cycling residents on where provision can be further improved. For more details on the city’s cycle parking guidelines check out this PDF download and to have your say on parking and infrastructure go here.

Cycle Shops

It’s no surprise that a cycling friendly city like Peterborough has a number of bike shops to choose from. These include A R Adams & Sons on Lincoln Road, Exclusively Bikes on Church Street and On Yer Bike on Lincoln Road. A full list of local bike shops can be found on Peterborough City Council’s Cycle Map.

Cycling and Trains

Peterborough Railway Station has 46 stands offering spaces 132 cycle parking spaces, making train/bike commutes and real option in the city. For more information on Cycling and Trains in Peterborough go here.

Don’t leave home without...

... checking out Peterborough City Council’s excellent online cycling resources, which includes their Get Cycling leaflet, introducing the city’s many cycling services, two comprehensive cycling maps, for the urban and ex-urban areas, both available as PDF downloads and printed, all-weather variants.

The Peterborough City Council website also has information on cycle training, together with further information on leisure routes, route design and cycle parking.

Useful links

Peterborough City Council Cycling Pages

Open Cycle Map - Peterborough

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