Track: Whatmough adds to his Track League lead

Track: Whatmough adds to his Track League lead


Location: Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park, Huyton, Merseyside
Event: 7 June 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Overall leader Ryan Whatmough (Team Terminator) tightened his grip on the Knowsley Track League series with four solo victories in the eighth round at Huyton on Friday night.

The 17-year-old won all three scratch races and also added a victory in the devil-take-the-hindmost.



15-lap scratch: 1 Ryan Whatmough (Team Terminator), 2 Peter Boyd (VC St Raphael), 3 James Thompson (Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC).

Devil: 1 Whatmough, 2 Thompson, 3 Martin Usher (Time RT).

Italian Pursuit: Megan Boyd (Sportcity Velo), Geoff Brandt (Birkenhead North End CC), Dave Walker (Weaver Valley CC), Thompson, Whatmough beat Sophie Black (Manx Viking Wheelers), Ian Kendall (Liverpool Century RC), Rob Bishop (MJS Racing), Steven Frecar (, P Boyd, Usher

2-lap handicap: 1 M Boyd, 2 Black, 3 Whatmough.

1-km scratch: 1 Whatmough, 2 P Boyd, 3 Thompson.

8-lap scratch: 1 Whatmough, 2 Thompson, 3 Usher.

Overall standings: 1 Whatmough 112, 2 Chris Edmondson (Fibrax Wrexham RC) 39, 3 Usher 25. Women: 1 M Boyd 43.

Youth A/B

8-lap scratch: 1 Jacob Booth (Sportcity Velo), 2 Matthew Cosgrove (Sportcity Velo), 3 Chris Fallon (Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC).

Devil: 1 Fallon, 2 James Farrington (Eastlands Velo), 3 Cosgrove.

Italian pursuit: Lauren Bate-Lowe (Sportcity Velo), Farrington, Helen Osguthorpe (North Cheshire Clarion), Ellis Anderson (Sportcity Velo), Fallon, Joely Side (Bolton Hot Wheels CC), Cosgrove beat Andrew Hammonds (North Cheshire Clarion), Leanne Hall (Eastlands Velo), Jordan Stanworth, Corinne Side (both Bolton Hot Wheels CC), Chris Heaton (Sportcity Velo), Booth.

1-lap handicap: 1 Osguthorpe, 2 Bate-Lowe, 3 Anderson.

1-km scratch: 1 Cosgrove, 2 Farrington, 3 Booth.

8-lap scratch: 1 Booth, 2 Heaton, 3 Farrington.

Overall standings:

Youth A: 1 Anderson 44, 2 Hammonds 36, 3 Dan O’Halloran (Sportcity Velo) 34. Girls: Monica Dew (Sportcity Velo) 25.

Youth B: 1 Heaton 81, 2 Farrington 56, 3 Usher 25. Girls: Bate-Lowe 59.

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