Report: Fred Williams Wolverhampton Track League 2012

Report: Fred Williams Wolverhampton Track League 2012


Location: Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolvehampton
Event: 13 June 2012


During the evening League organiser John Ireson gave us the news that many of us had been hoping for: Andy Tennant had been selected for the Olympic Pursuit team. Andy started his cycling career at the Wheelers and remains an inspiration to us all particularly our younger riders.

Wheeler Adam Lewis also had good news as he had just won the Junior Regional Road Championship. This success must have provided the catalyst for tonight’s racing as he won every event he entered starting with the Time Trial and culminating with the 30 lap Handicap race (this included a Sprint at 20 laps). Adam now has a fifty point lead over his nearest rival in the Rankings.

Charlotte Broughton (Leicestershire RC) proved more than a match for the male youth riders easily taking the 10 lap Scratch and later taking the first Sprint of the 30 lap Handicap.

Wheeler Sam Jones recorded his first win of the current season in the Freewheeler A Block Handicap but the rivalry still remains the most intense in the Bs.