Season opens for Wolverhampton Track League

Season opens for Wolverhampton Track League


Location: Aldersley Leisure Village, Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton
Event: 2 May 2012


The first night of the Wolverhampton Wheelers league presented much promise for an exciting and interesting season of track racing. Local bike shop Fred Williams again sponsors the league which continues to attract a wide range of athletes both locally and further afield.

University of Birmingham CC members Xavier Disley and Mark Brown are riding the league for their second year while Mark Shore sports the new Walsall Roads CC jersey complete with a new bike to match.

Lichfield City CC are strongly represented once more with Jacob Kelly, Luke Selibas, Will Hyde, Isabelle Clarke, Julie Cooper and Daniel Cooper all putting in strong performances. Meanwhile Nick Selibas, father of Luke, has decided to join his son and race in the striking blue and white Lichfield colours.

Halesowen A and CC are represented by Gabriella Horner, Jo Feiven, William Fotheringham and Patrick Fotheringham. William, of course, is the well known cycling author and journalist.

Host club, Wolverhampton Wheelers, unsurprisingly made the strongest representation, but more of them in future reports, and it is probably too soon to draw too many conclusions from just one night’s racing. However, the highlight of the night remains the final race; the 10km handicap with the first three places being taken by Xavier Disley, Jess Wieckowski (GWR Team) and Will Hyde. These riders together with Jacob Kelly and Wheelers Adam Lewis and Ian Lister are the ones to watch as the league unfolds.