Track: Scunthorpe League Finale

Track: Scunthorpe League Finale


Location: Quibell Park, Scunthorpe
Event: 23 September 2011
Report: Steve Parsons

The last Scunthorpe Track league event saw the usual Omnium for the Stuart Whaley memorial trophy, while that was followed by a prize presentation for the Omnium and youth events as well as a presentation of the track league winners for 2011.

A presentation off flowers and wine was made to the officials by Track League winner Tony Nash on behalf of all the Track league riders.

The organizers would also like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers and officials who made it all possible - especially to Susan Parsons, Dave Lambert, Dave and Kate Kennedy who are there most weeks, especially Dave who despite a major operation this year only missed a couple of events.

Also thanks to the catering crew Janice & Evelyn who are there every week, and a big thank you to Dave Marsh Universal Cycle Centre for his generous sponsorship.

Winners: Pictured, from left, are Jodie Brumhead, Tony Nash, Harry White, Josh Dunham, Max Poole, Simon Beedham, Lewis Nutt and Louise Beedham.

The previous week's league on September 16 was cancelled due to rain, but despite the unpredictable weather only two track league events had to be cancelled this year. Next year's 2012 track league will start in mid April.

Also next year, Scunthorpe Poly CC are promoting a circuit race series on Blyton Park motor race track near Gainsborough on Tuesdays and Saturday evenings starting at the end of May.

It is a newly resurfaced 1.6-mile circuit with nice sweeping corners which will be able to accommodate large bunches.

The usual Track League official will be the along with the catering crew - worth coming just for the cakes! See you all next year.


Youth A:
1-Lap Sprint (A/B):

1 Joshua Dunham (Star Bikes)
2 Max Williamson (Lincsquad)
3 Harry White (Dinnington RC)
Youth B:
1-lap Sprint:

1 Will Walsh (Lincsquad)
2 Louise Beedham (Lincsquad)
3 Robbie Sturdy (Lincsquad)
Youth C:
1-Lap Sprint:

1 Lewis Nutt (Dinnington RC)
2 Lois Crehan (Dinnington RC)
3 Euan Crehan (Dinnington RC)
Sprint E:
1 Max Poole (Lincsquad)
2 Jay Downing (Dinnington RC)
3-Lap Block Handicap:
1 Lois Crehan (Dinnington RC)
2 Max Poole (Lincsquad)
3 Joshua Dunham (Star Bikes)
5-Lap Scratch:
1 Max Williamson (Lincsquad)
2 Harry White (Dinnington RC)
3 Will Walsh (Lincsquad)

Senior A/B Omnium:
16-Lap Points Race:

1 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC)
2 John Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs)
3 Richard Lambert (Cottingham Coureurs)
8-Lap Block Handicap:
1 Connor Swift (Scunthorpe Poly CC)
2 Mark Robbins (Scunthorpe Poly CC)
3 Andrew Marsh (Dinnington RC)
32-Lap Scratch:
1 Callum Rogers (Scunthorpe Poly CC)
2 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC)
3 Richard Lambert (Cottingham Coureurs)
1 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC)
2 Richard Lambert (Cottingham Coureurs)
3 John Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs)

Final League Overall:
A Group:
1 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 98 pts
2 Matthew Fenton (Cottingham Coureurs) 51
3 David Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs) 51
4 John Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs) 21
5 David Hampshire (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 13
6 Peter Cocker (Witham Wheelers) 12

B Group:
1 Simon Beedham (Lincsquad) 39
2 Neil Stainthorpe (Leeds Mercury RT) 23
3 Matthew Waters (Retford & Dist Wh) 15
4 Mark Robbins (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 11
5 Jordan Skinner (Dinnington RC) 9
6 Theo Brumhead (Exeter Univ CC) 8

1 Jodie Brumhead (Cottingham Coureurs) 10
2 Melissa Lowther (Aire Valley RC) 8
3 Jessie Walker (RST Racing Team) 2

1 Joshua Dunham (Star Bikes RT) 98
2 Max Poole (Lincsquad) 62
3 Harry White (Dinnington RC) 46
4 Lewis Nutt (Dinnington RC) 43
5 Ben Wait (Lincsquad) 36
6 David Pullan (East Bradford CC) 33

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.