Track: Lambton Rules Again In Lyme

Track: Lambton Rules Again In Lyme


Brooks Cycles Track League
Location: Lyme Valley Stadium, Newcastle-Under-Lyme
18 August 2011
Report: Chris Pyatt

Rob Lambton extended his lead in the Brooks Cycles Track League with a strong performance that netted eight points.

The Sprinters League saw Barney Swinnerton (Science in Sport) win the 2 up 400m Time Trial with Sean Mayer (Lyme RC) and then take the final of the Sprint. The team sprint saw Sean Mayer take the win with Tom Powell (Newcastle RC 2001) and Joffie Houlton (PM).

The A Class Endurance League had a four race programme contested with league leader Rob Lambton (Brooks Cycles) score eight points with a win in the eight lap Scratch and a second place in the five mile and a third in the Points race. Will Thomas (Velocity RT) had a great night as he warmed up for the National Youth Track Championships in winning the five mile Scratch, member of the winning Team Pursuit team and a second place in the eight lap Scratch.

The other A Class event was won by Christian Braybrooke (Velocity RT) who himself is also preparing for the National's, taking a good win in the points race.

The B Races saw a good field contest the event with Neil Cummins taking a win in the eight lap Scratch, Sam Birchall (Velocity RT) taking the Point's race and Alex Webb the five mile Scratch.

The Youth events saw Joel Partington win three events in the block Handicap, Devil and the Scratch. The most exciting race was the team sprint where the team of Ashleigh Williams, Imogen Crooks, Paige Millward (all Lyme RC) and Alex Braybrooke (Velocity RT) won with four great one lap efforts.

The Freewheelers League saw 20 riders compete and despite the constant threat of rain the full programme of 12 races was completed. In each group the top point scorers were as follows:

Group 1: Harvey Myatt 9 points
Group 2: Ambrose Morris (Lyme RC) 11 points
Group 3: Jack Scott (Lyme RC) 8 points


Freewheelers League

Group 1
Race 1
1. James Brayford
2. Megan Williams (Lyme RC)
3. James Duncalf (Lyme RC)

Race 2
1. Harvey Myatt
2. Louis Perry
3. James Duncalf

Race 3
1. Brandon McMillan (Lyme RC)
2. Harvey Myatt
3. James Duncalf

Race 4
1. James Duncalf
2. Bradley Hill (Lyme RC)
3. Harvey Myatt

Group 2
Race 1
1. Ambrose Morris (Lyme RC)
2. Helena Parritt
3. James Scott (Lyme RC)

Race 2
1. Sophie Bassett (Lyme RC)
2. Ambrose Morris
3. James Scott

Race 3
1. Helena Parritt
2. Ambrose Morris
3. James Scott

Race 4
1. Ambrose Morris
2. Helena Parritt
3. James Scott

Group 3
Race 1
1. Sebastian Booth
2. Jack Scott (Lyme RC)
3. Lewis Hubball

Race 2
1. Izaak Curtis (Lyme RC)
2. Jack Scott
3. Edward Mulroy (Congleton CC)

Race 3
1. Lewis Hubball
2. Jack Scott
3. Izaak Curtis

Race 4
1. Edward Mulroy
2. Cameron O'Neil
3. Jack Scott

Main League

Youth Block Handicap
1. Joel Partington (Lyme RC)
2. Alex Braybrooke (Velocity RT)
3. Paige Millward (Lyme RC)

A Class Sprinters 2 up 400m
1. Barney Swinnerton (Science In Sport)
Sean Mayer (Lyme RC)
2. Steve Cronshaw (Brereton Wheelers)
Joffie Houlton (PM)
3. Sassan Emadi (Tunstall Wheelers)
Louis Preston (Lyme RC)

A Class Endurance 8 lap scratch
1. Robert Lambton (Brooks Cycles)
2. Will Thomas (Velocity RT)
3. Barry Charlton (Lyme RC)

B Class 8 lap scratch
1. Neil Cummins (PM)
2. Phil Braybrooke (Sportcity Velo)
3. George Edwards (Lyme RC)

Youth Devil
1. Joel Partington
2. Paige Millward
3. Alex Braybrooke

Sprinters Team Sprint
1. Sean Mayer
Joffie Houlton
Tom Powell (Newcastle RC 2001)

A Class Endurance Team Pursuit
1. Robert Lambton
Will Thomas
Christian Braybrooke (Velocity RT)

B Class Team Sprint
1. Claire Rutherford (Science in Sport)
Vic Trigger (Crewe Clarion)
Dave Williams (Lyme RC)
Sam Birchall (Lyme RC)
Alex Webb (Lyme RC)

Youth Team Sprint
1. Ashleigh Williams (Lyme RC)
Paige Millward
Alex Braybrooke
Imogen Crooks (Lyme RC)

A Class Endurance Points Race
1. Christian Braybrooke
2. Barry Charlton
3. Robert Lambton

B Class Points Race
1. Sam Birchall
2. Neil Cummins
3. George Edwards

Sprinters Sprint Final
1. Barney Swinnerton
2. Sean Mayer
3. Tom Powell

Sprint Minor Final
1. Steve Cronshaw
2. Phil Houlton
3. Louis Preston

Youth Scratch
1. Joel Partington
2. Paige Millward
3. Sallie Birchall

5 Mile Scratch
1. Will Thomas
2. Robert Lambton
3. Adrian Adgar

B Class
1. Alex Webb
2. Neil Cummins
3. Alex Braybrooke