Track: Murray takes Prissick Omnium title

Track: Murray takes Prissick Omnium title

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Murray takes Prissick Omnium title Prissick Omnium: part of the Middlesborough Skyride
Event: 10th July 2011
Event Details

A great day's racing ended in victory for Sigma Sport Specialized's Tom Murray. Tom scored consistently in every round of the omnium and won the third event (which was a block handicap) in a full on bunch sprint with several bike lengths lead.

In second place was young local rider James Alder from BlackHawkBikes. James started the day badly when he pulled his foot out when starting the time trial. He came back strongly however when he won the second event 15 lap points race.

In third place representing Pendragon was Richard Meadows who is beginning to show form again after a long mid-season illness.

A mention to the other winners on the day: Giles Harrison won the first round Time Trial by a massive three seconds. Giles is a regular winner of Velo29 events so it was good to see him perform well in front of some tough competition. And the final winner of the day in the 15 lap scratch race was ex Velo29 rider Tommy ‘the train' Bustard, who won a 2-up sprint from Velo29's Michael Dales.


Race 1: Time Trial 1 lap

1. Giles Harrison (ActivCycles) 1m 13.33
2. Craig Anderson (BlackHawkBikes) 1m 16.14
3. Richard Meadows (Pendragon) 1m 17.48
4. Alex Bottomley (Fietsen Tempo) 1m 18.05
5. Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized) 1m 18.11

Race 2: Points Race 15 laps

1. James Alder (BlackHawkBikes)
2. Simon Baxter (Herbalife Wheelbase)
3. Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized)
4. Chris Mark (Velo29)
5. Tom Bustard (BBM Bikes)

Race 3: Handicap (3 Groups) 15 laps

1. Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized)
2. Richard Meadows (Pendragon)
3. James Alder (BlackHawkBikes)
4. Marcus Smith (BlackHawkBikes)
5. Liam Armstrong (VC Briganti)

Race 4: Scratch Race 15 laps

1. Tom Bustard (BBM Bikes)
2. Mike Dales (Velo29)
3. Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized)
4. James Alder (BlackHawkBikes)
5. Liam Armstrong (VC Briganti)


1. Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized)
2. James Alder (BlackHawkBikes)
3. Richard Meadows (Pendragon)
4. Tom Bustard (BBM Bikes)
5. Giles Harrison (ActivCycles)
6. Mike Dales (Velo29)
7. Simon Baxter (Herbalife Wheelbase)
8. Craig Anderson (BlackHawkBikes)
9. Liam Armstrong (VC Briganti)
10. Marcus Smith (BlackHawkBikes)
11. Chris Mark (Velo29)
12. Alex Bottomley (Fietsen Tempo)