RT2012: Track - Cottbus GP

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Track Sprinters Race In Germany

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Posted June 27 2011

Track Sprinters Race In Germany - Part 1

British Cycling's Olympic Academy and Podium Sprint Programme riders concluded their first races of the 2011 summer track season at the Cottbus GP; with both Pete Mitchell and Becky James producing exciting performances ahead of the Under-23 European Championships next month.

The final weekend of a block of races for the British Cycling Team saw the addition of Podium Programme athletes Chris Hoy, Ross Edgar and Jason Kenny, while Academy riders Becky James, Pete Mitchell and Dave Daniell continued their race programme.

For Hoy, Edgar and Kenny the tough concrete track and international competition represented an early period of preparation and the first competition since the World Championships. Acting as a reminder of what it takes to be race sharp, the trio of riders will return in August for a further training camp.

Ultimately this was reflected throughout the series of heats, where competition was stiff between 59 competitors. With just two weeks until the German Championships the home riders were on form, Robert Forstermann and Rene Enders qualifying in the top two positions. Hoy was best-placed Brit in third, with Pete Mitchell 12th.

Result - Men's Qualification
1. Robert Fostermann 10.070
2. Rene Enders 10.170
3. Chris Hoy 10.180
12. Pete Mitchell 10.50
19. Jason Kenny 10.60
32. Dave Daniell 10.70
44. Ross Edgar 10.870

Racing in the heats to progress for the finals was fierce, often with five riders per heat and many repechages. Best British performance eventually came from Pete Mitchell, fourth overall after being beaten by eventual winner Fostermann in the semi-final. Chris Hoy got his season off to a start with sixth.

1. Robert Fostermann
2. Rene Enders
3. Michael Seidenbecher

Becky James was Britain's sole female representative and continued her good form against a world-class lineup. Qualifying in fifth, James raced well only to lose 2:1 to Olga Panarina in the semi final. James ended her training camp on the best possible note however, beating Willy Kanis 2:0 in the minor final, completing the weekend with third spot on the podium.

Result - Women's Qualification

1. Olga Panarina 11.31
2. Miriam Welte 11.43
3. Willy Kanis 11.47
5. Becky James 11.53