Devon Weekend: Entries close April 23

Devon Weekend: Entries close April 23


Event: 19 May 2013
Location: Yeatheridge Farm, Devon
Report: Event organiser

In an effort to make road cycling an event that will delight all members of the family, 28-10 have created the Devon Weekend. It offers individual riders, non-riders and teams a great opportunity to break away from normal working life and enjoy a fantastic weekend in Devon at really affordable prices.

Whether you are looking to:

  • Ride your first fully supported sportive.
  • Take on an easy or much more physically challenging sportive.
  • Benefit from the free associated leisure complex activities.
  • Benefit from the associated leisure complex accommodation and activitiesweekend package.
  • Develop the less experienced ridersin a club.
  • Hone your own riding skills.
  • Take advantage of a team building or training weekend opportunity.
  • Watch a stage of the Tour of Britain (ToB).
  • Ride the Devon stage of the ToB before or after the pro’s do.
  • Ride a sportive and visit local attractions in Devon…

We have the facilities to make your weekend memorable.

28-10 will run the Devon Weekend in May and September each year. The May weekend provides a great opportunity to: assess the benefits of your winter training programme,measure your performance on one of our sportives, whilst enjoying an early summer breakaway. The September weekend offersthe same as the May weekend with an optional addition - a Leisure Complex Accommodation Package extension; eight days in total, so that you can combine our weekend with a stage visit of the Tour of Britain.The Devon Weekend will run 13-15 September 2013 and the ToB will visit Devon on Friday 20 September.

When not participating in sportivesyou might choose to visit local attractions; work on riding skills or perhaps take a look at some of the other excellent and longer sportive routes in Devon, such as the Dartmoor Classic, Exmoor Beast or Moor 2 Sea.

When the days’ activities are over you can gather together in the bar or discuss the day’s events over a tasty meal in the fully licensed restaurant or start up your own BBQ in a warm and welcoming family environment.  Table tennis, a pool table, horse riding… are also available on site at extra cost and might help with the team building.

The Sportives    

28-10 has chosen to organise the Devon Weekend in mid-Devon because the local area provides quality road surfaces with low traffic usage in a stunningly beautiful and tranquil environment that allows riders to flow through the course whilst listening to their heartbeat and the gentle hum of tyres on tarmac.It all begins from the Leisure Complex and follows the naturally 'flat-ish' ridge line to the east. Exmoor to the north and Dartmoor to the south are clearly visible in all their splendour beyond a tapestry of agricultural fields.Within a few miles we find ourselves in Devon’s rural heartland. Fields of gold, green and brown flash by as old England opens up before you. Thatched cottages, quaint pubs, church spires and leafy lanes all add to the rural magnificence…

  • The Scorpion – 30 miles
    The Scorpion is the shorter of our sportives and allows the rider to tap out the tempo of champions for the first 24 miles and then climb the 400ft of ascent to the finish. There are NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS on this course.
  •  The Devon Dipper – 60 miles
    The Devon Dipper is designed for experienced riders and presents a mental and physical cycle challengefor 60 miles; a real roller-coaster of a ride. The undulations in the road begin to increase and lengthen as you progress through the course. Challenging ascents and exhilarating descents focus the mind as you take in the impressive scenery in all directionsand feel the gentle caress of warm southern sunshine. With only 1 set of traffic lights and a level crossing much can be accomplished.

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Additional services available at extra cost:

  • Training plan specifically tailored to meet your needs at Koolstof.
  • Pre and post ride massage by the massage clinic.
  • Photography to make the event more memorable with Debbie Metcalfe.
  • Horse riding.

A number of options are available for your consideration and can be viewed here