Ride the Wenlock-Mandeville Sportive in aid of the National Spinal Injuries Unit

Ride the Wenlock-Mandeville Sportive in aid of the National Spinal Injuries Unit


Event: 26th August 2012
Location: Much Wenlock, Shropshire
Report: Kilo To Go

In aid of the National Spinal Injuries unit, 26 August sees the first Wenlock-Mandeville place-to-place sportive challenge. Most sportives are circular rides but the place-to-place route adds a new dimension and a fresh sense of achievement. We hand over to event organisers Kilo To Go to tell us more...

This unique cycling challenge starts in the delightful Shropshire Hills town of Much Wenlock. We're very proud to be able to associate the event with National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital near Aylesbury which is where Wenlock-Mandeville finishes. It’s a charity event but that doesn’t mean it’s a cut-down bike ride. Britain’ favourite organisers, KILOTOGO, are the people behind the event organisation on behalf of the National Spinal Injuries Unit in Stoke Mandeville.

Why you must ride Wenlock-Mandeville!

It's a cracking route for a start with beautiful countryside to enjoy through Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. You'll start in mildly hilly Shropshire and observe the land change from red soil and stone through the bright Cotswold limestone through Oxfordshire. 100% of entry fees go to the National Spinal Injury's Centre's charity which hopes to raise £4M for a much needed sports facility in their grounds. By riding this event you are also helping to continue the legacy and raise awareness for the National Spinal Injury's. The late Sir Jimmy Savile was passionate about the work for spinal injured people and shouted loud and clear about it.

130 mile Much Wenlock to Stoke Mandeville

A real challenge not for the faint-hearted. Although not especially hilly there are certainly some considerable climbs on the route; any hill beyond the halfway point will certainly feel like a mountain! But climbs usually go hand in hand with fast exhilarating descents too! Have you got the mettle?

30 mile Stoke Mandeville loop

A less ambitious undertaking but a bike ride that will nevertheless challenge riders. The loop, which starts and finishes from Stoke Mandeville, joins the final stretches of the 130 miles route just before the final feedstation so you can join in with friends or family on those last gruelling miles where riders will need all the encouragement they can get.

Both routes

We welcome entries from hand-cyclists; the 130 miles will be a challenge and we would suggest your own support vehicle if undertaking this but the 30 mile loop will be well within a fit person's capabilities. Regardless of how you ride your chosen option we can guarantee a huge warm welcome home to Stoke Mandeville when you complete the first Wenlock-Mandeville.

How do riders get back to Much Wenlock?

We've made provision to get all riders back to Much Wenlock during the evening after the ride. We use executive coach/mini-bus and specialist bike transport to carefully transport you back to the start. Of course you may have friends and family at the finish to enable you to make your own way back. You can choose to purchase a repatriation ticket when you enter.

Entries and full details at www.bikewenman.co.uk