Three route options for 2012 Shropshire Hills Sportive

Three route options for 2012 Shropshire Hills Sportive


Event: 1 July 2012
Location: Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Entries are still open for the Mamil Cycling 2012 Shropshire Hills Sportive starting from Bridgnorth in Shropshire on Sunday 1st July 2012.

The event follows on from the popular 2011 promotion that saw 200 riders take in some of the best scenery the county has to offer and tackle some of the hardest climbs.

Like last time, the High Street will be closed to traffic for the day so riders will be able to sign on, start, finish and then relax in the company of other riders without being buzzed by cars. Take a load off, have a seat and watch the other riders come in.

The organisers, Mamil Cycling, aim to keep all the good points from the 2011 event, including the  spectacular weather, but improve those few areas where they can make things better. Whilst the 100 mile and 50 mile routes will be broadly similar, they have made some minor route adjustments in reaction to feedback to make them even more rider-friendly. They have also added an ‘inbetweener’, a 70 mile, Middle Child between Big Brother 100 and the Baby Boy 50. Please welcome him to the family.

Last year, rider feedback was clear that the feedstations worked a treat so this year they are keeping them at Caynham, Stiperstones and Leighton. The 100 will take them all in whilst the Inbetweener will include the stops at Caynham and Leighton.

There were half a dozen ‘terminal’ mechanicals out on the courses in 2011, everybody got back. Some in a chauffeur driven 5 series BMW – some got Ron in the van. Luck of the draw I guess. They’ll do the same thing in 2012 but for your own peace of mind, if you want a mechanic out to get you going again or a guaranteed lift back in they’ll offer you that as an option.

You told the organisers you liked the motorcycle marshals and the signage. One rider described the sheer joy of seeing a marshal with spare tubes and tyres from our sponsor Schwalbe on the Long Mynd after a double puncture. The track pump was an added bonus! All of this back up is retained for 2012.

In 2011 there were some top-notch goody bags and prizes last year. This year, Mamil Cycling promise the same again. So, what have they got in store for you this year?

Shropshire Hills 50
Awwww…. The baby brother. Once again, we’ll take you over the Clee and bring you back down the Corvedale valley with the wind at your back. Probably. It’s a great way to get into sportive riding providing a proper but manageable challenge. Have a break at Caynham after the climb and roll back in. £17.00 entry.

Shropshire Hills 70
New for this year, the slightly troublesome Inbetweener taking in the feedstops at Caynham and Leighton. For those who want a little more riding after climbing the Clee or who did the 50 last year and want to take a step up on the way to the 100 for 2013 perhaps? £20.00 entry

Shropshire Hills 100
Now we are talking. The bad boy Big Brother. Tough. This takes in the Clee and the Stiperstones and all three feedstations, including a piece of cake the size of a football at The Bog on top of the Long Mynd. Organisers had a couple of claims for a sub 5 hour ride time last year. No, we don’t believe them either…. £23.00 entry.

Full event details can be found here or at the event website