Road: Wagstaff bounces back in Surrey League

Road: Wagstaff bounces back in Surrey League


Location: Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey
Event: 7 June 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

After failing to finish the previous week’s race, Cranleigh CC rider Howard Wagstaff bounced back in style to take the win in this week’s edition of the Surrey League 4th Cat Series at Dunsfold Park on Friday.

The 28-year-old’s previous best result in the series was 15th a couple of weeks ago, but he was last in the results list for the previous week’s race.

But he took the win ahead of Watford 37-yerar-old Darryl Green (Inverse RT), while 42-year-old Ed Raynard (Brighton Mitre) secured his best finish to this season’s series with third spot.


1 Howard Wagstaff Cranleigh CC 4 01:14:00

2 Darryl Green Inverse 4

3 Ed Raynard Brighton Mitre 4

4 Andrew Lindsay PMC Gatorade 4

5 Ray Sullivan Private Member 4V

6 Kristopher Rush VC Meudon 4

7 Alan Miles Redhill Cycling Club 4

8 Natty Hall Cycleworks 4

9 Ian Portsmouth Charlotteville CC 4

10 Paul Banner Kingston Wheelers 3V

11 Peter Eveleigh Redhill Cycling Club 4V

12 Paul Batchelor Charlotteville CC 4

13 Simon Worthington VC Meudon 4

14 Christopher Dean B2P 4V

15 Andrew Burbidge Epsom CC 4

16 Adam Leech Cranleigh CC 4

17 Ben Elvin Private Member 4

18 Kieran Barber Redhill Cycling Club 4

19 Neil James Dorking CC 4V

20 Ben Sharp Strada Wheels 4

21 Richard Fish Kingston Wheelers 4V

22 Matt Levett Brixton Cycles 4

23 James Horan Southdowns Bikes 4V

24 Steve Moulder Dorking CC 4V

25 Chris Stone Redhill Cycling Club 4V

26 Adam Gardner GS Henley 4

27 Feargal Coffey Charlotteville CC 4V

28 Reiner Singh San Fairy Ann CC 4

29 Mat Booth Charlotteville CC 4

30 Michael Hancock Dorking CC 4

31 S Block Cranleigh CC 4

32 Andrew Thomas Dulwich Paragon CC 4

33 Andy Tedd ...a3crg 4V

33 Robbie Ventham Dorking CC 4

33 Stuart Grieg Redhill Cycling Club 4V

33 Louis Francis Watford Velo 4

37 J Paphits Cranleigh CC 4 @ 1 lap

37 Mike Metcalfe Dorking CC 4

37 Tim Wormleighton Kingston Wheelers 4V

37 Richard Perez Private Member 4

37 Ralph Hydes Private Member 4

37 Jeremy Lloyd Southdown Velo 4

dnf Paul Philbrick Army CU 4

dnf Mark Chapman 4

dnf Tim Warner Private Member 4

dnf Ben Voller Twickenham CC 4

dnf Tony Eveleigh Worthing Excelsior 4V

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