Road: Giles scores again at Barkston Heath

Road: Giles scores again at Barkston Heath


Location: RAF Barkston Heath, Grantham, Lincolnshire
Event: 1 June 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Fields totalling close to 200 riders contested the third round of the Pedalpushers Circuit Race League at RAF Barkston on Saturday.

In-form 39-year-old Phil Giles (Beeston RC) followed up a Mallory Park win last month with victory over Connor Swift (Bike Box Alan/Whiston Velo) in the feature senior race.

There were wins as well for veteran Gavin Sykes (VC Lincoln) and Amelia Cambridge (VC Rutland), while RST Racing Team claimed an under-16 double in the youth races through Joey Walker and Grace Garner.


1 Phil Giles (Beeston RC)
2 Connor Swift (Bike Box Alan/Whiston Velo)
3 Peter Cocker (Forme Bikes UK)
4 Steve Young (WyndyMilla)
5 Edward Pickard (Beeston RC)
6 Oliver Maxwell (Forme Bikes UK)
7 James Shaw (Forme Bikes UK)
8 Gabriel Cullaigh (RST Racing Team)
9 James Cambridge (
10 David Jakeman (Wisbech Wheelers)

1 Gavin Sykes (VC Lincoln)
2 Damian Roberts (Keepthebeat Cycling)
3 Iain McKinlay (Newark Castle CC)
4 Anthony Richardson (RAF CC)
5 Keith Munton (Bourne Wheelers)
6 Andrew Hinklin (BC Private Member)
7 Rob Hoyles (Norwood Paragon CC)
8 Jamie Small (BC Private Member)
9 Tom Goy (Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA)
10 Richard Atkinson (VC Rutland)

1 Amelia Cambridge (VC Rutland)
2 Alice Cobb (Scott Contessa Epic)
3 Annabel Fisher (Peterborough CC)
4 Lauren O’Brien (RST Racing Team)
5 Sarah Kennedy (Matlock CC)
6 Sian Bottomley (Squadra Donne-Shutt VR)
7 Jess O’Brien (RST Racing Team)
8 Annabel Sill (Clay Cross RT)
9 Erica Howe (VC Norwich)
10 Jennifer Smart (VC Norwich)

1 Joey Walker (RST Racing Team)
2 Karl Baillie (Witham Wheelers)
3 Tom Weeds (Derby Mercury RC)

1 Grace Garner (RST Racing Team)
2 Charlotte Broughton (MG Decor)
3 Jennifer McAndrew (Witham Wheelers)

1 James Armstrong (VC Lincoln)
2 Calum Fernie (Nottingham Clarion CC)
3 Matt Ellis (Spalding CC)

1 Maddie Gammons (Bourne Wheelers)
2 Joni Wildman (Nottingham Clarion CC)
3 Isabel Darvill (Newark Castle CC)

1 Jake Norton (Spalding CC)
2 Joshua Scales (Derby Mercury RC)
3 Thomas Wilkinson (Heanor Clarion CC)

1 Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion CC)
2 Amelie Wayte (Matlock CC)
3 Olivia Hunnikin (VC Rutland)

1 Max Poole (Lincsquad)
2 Jack Brough (Heanor Clarion CC)
3 Joshua Giddings (Heanor Clarion CC)

1 Lotta Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion CC)
2 Molly Peel (Spalding CC)
3 Ellie Peel (Spalding CC)

1 Louis Swindell (Matlock CC)
2 Jake Kennedy (VC Lincoln)
3 Jack Lofthouse (Nottingham Clarion CC)

Rosie Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion CC)

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