Road: Rawson takes solo victory in Litherland Circuit League

Road: Rawson takes solo victory in Litherland Circuit League


Location: Litherland Sports Park, Liverpool
Event: 22 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Wigan racer Michael Rawson continued his good form in the Litherland Circuit Races with victory in the 2/3/4 race at round seven of the series at Litherland Sports Park in Liverpool.

The 20-year-old, who rides for Kuota-Spinergy-GSG, crossed the line alone, 1-13 ahead of his nearest rival, to make it four podium finishes in the four Litherland races he has ridden so far this season.

Also the winner in round two, Rawson held off David Kent (St Helens CRC) into second place, while 49-year-old Warrington resident Kent held off junior Ryan Whatmough (Team Terminator).

In the supporting race for fourth cats and women, James Lindsay took the win by 43 seconds, the 29-year-old from Blackburn being ahead of Tom Williams, while Jonathan Taylor (High on Bikes) was third, another 42 seconds off the pace.


1 Michael Rawson (Kuota-Spinergy-GSG) 33:54
2 David Kent (St Helens CRC) @ 1:13
3 Ryan Whatmough (Team Terminator)
4 Ryan Pike (High on Bikes)
5 Dean Higham (H Middleton CC)
6 Jeff Vernon (Birkenhead North End CC)
7 Paul Cheetham (
8 John Crook (Liverpool Mercury CC)
9 Mark McGavock (Southport CC)
10 Rob Lockhart (Cyclesport International) @ 1 lap

1 James Lindsay (unattached) 20:06
2 Tom Williams (unattached) @ 43sec
3 Jonathan Taylor (High on Bikes) @ 1:25
4 Paul McNearney (Liverpool Mercury CC) @ 1:48
5 Alasdair Wearing (unattached) @ 1 lap

Youth A boys:
1 Chris Fallon (Liverpool Mercury CC) 19:42
2 James Thompson (Liverpool Mercury CC) @ same time
3 Jack Hulme (Birkenhead North End CC) @ 7sec

Youth A girls: Louise Colyer (Birkenhead North End CC) 20:29.

Youth B boys:
1 Luke Cheetham (Eastlands Velo) 20:22
2 Dan Gibson (Liverpool Century RC) @ same time
3 Daniel Salcedo (Southport CC) @ 19sec

Youth B girls:
1 Anna Hulme (Liverpool Mercury CC) 20:56
2 Savannah Morgan (Ashurst BC) @ 41sec
3 Helen Osguthorpe (North Cheshire Clarion) @ 1:23

Youth C boys:
1 George Elliott (Liverpool Century RC) 21:17
2 James Bishop (Liverpool Mercury CC) @ 59sec
3 Elliot Livingston (Ashurst BC) @ same time

Youth D boys:
1 Tyler Lloyd (H Middleton CC) 10:00
2 James Higham (Eastlands Velo) @ 56sec
3 Sam Kendall (Liverpool Century RC) @ 1 lap

Youth D girls:
1 Niamha Albones (Liverpool Century RC) 10:00
2 Molly Titmarsh (Liverpool Mercury CC) @ 2 laps
3 Evelina Black (Chester Go Ride Club) @ same time

Youth E boys:
1 Tom Elliott (Liverpool Century RC) 10:21
2 Ben Yeoman (North Cheshire Clarion) @ 5sec

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