Road: Davis takes victory in opening Team Tor event

Road: Davis takes victory in opening Team Tor event


Location: Ilton, Somerset
Event: 2 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Team Tor 2000 hosted the first event of their Circuit Race Series in Somerset on Thursday and it was home team rider Elliot Davis that led the way.

The 43-year-old took pipped Bristol South CC’s Glyndwr Griffiths and VC St Raphael’s Jason Streather to first place in the National B category.

In the Regional B race, Graham Carter hit the front for Revo Racing with Sean Frost and Tim Jay (Somer Valley CC) completing the podium.

It was a VC St Raphael one-two in the ladies race with Marianne Britten and Laura Clode setting the pace ahead of Elena Bremer (Exeter Wheelers).

Tim Wilkey (Bristol South CC) won the Regional C+ ahead of Richard Poynter (San Fairy Ann CC) and Sam Barker (University of Exeter CC).

In the under 16s, it was Pete Jarman (Tavistock Wheeler Road CC) who was quickest and Rebecca Raybould (Poole Wheelers CC) proving the fastest girl.

In the under 14s, it was Joseph West (1st Chard Wheelers) and Patsy Caines (Yeovil CC) who took the honours and Rowan Ellis (1st Chard Wheelers) won the under 12 event.

Lewis Ross (North Devon Wheelers – South Fork) and Jack Webb (1st Chard Wheelers) won the under 10 and under 8 races respectively.


National B:
1 Elliot Davis (Team Tor 2000)
2 Glyndwr Griffiths (Bristol South CC)
3 Jason Streather (VC St Raphael)
4 Josh Gray (Team Tor 2000)
5 Nick Harwood (Revo Racing)
6 Ben Davis (Bristol RC)
7 Charles Rees (Team Tor 2000)
8 John Hollier (Team Tor 2000)
9 Peter Haworth (Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT)
10 Kamden Reedy (Clarencourt CC)
Regional B:
1 Graham Carter (Revo Racing)
2 Sean Frost (unattached)
3 Tim Jay (Somer Valley CC)
4 John Nye (Exeter Wheelers)
5 Sam Shannon (Rutrainingtoday CC)
6 Steve Whithurst (Cheddar Cycle Club)
7 Nick Yarworth (Team Echelon-Rotor)
8 Paul Baker (Cheddar Cycle Club)
9 Wayne Hitchcott (Revo Racing)
10 Charles Maunder (Somerset RC)
1 Marianne Britten (VC St Raphael)
2 Laura Clode (VC St Raphael)
3 Elena Bremer (Exeter Wheelers)
4 Sarah Godwin (Team Tor 2000)
5 Alexandra Sheenan (One and All Cycling)
6 Mary McFadzean (Cycle Sport Dynamo)
7 Jennifer Hudson (VC St Raphael)
8 Harriet Simpole-Clarke (University of Bristol CC)
Regional C+:
1 Tim Wilkey (Bristol South CC)
2 Richard Poynter (San Fairy Ann CC)
3 Sam Barker (University of Exeter CC)
4 Jason Hockey (unattached)
5 Tim Southcombe (Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain)
6 Chris Ludlow (unattached)
7 Wayne Thomas (Pontypool RCC)
8 Steve Cooper (Revo Racing)
9 Ivan Jordan (Exeter Wheelers)
10 Edward Collins (Mendip Cycling Club)
Youth under 16:
1 Pete Jarman (Tavistock Wheeler Road CC)
2 Charles McFadzean (unattached)
3 James Hughes-Woods (Cycle Sport Dynamo)
1 Rebecca Raybould (Poole Wheelers CC)
Youth under 14:
1 Joseph West (1st Chard Wheelers)
2 Isaac Rowe (North Devon Wheelers – South Fork)
3 James Leonard (1st Chard Wheelers)
1 Patsy Caines (Yeovil CC)
Youth under 12:
1 Rowan Ellis (1st Chard Wheelers)
2 Evan Richards (unattached)
3 Toby Peters (One and All Cycling)
Youth under 10:
1 Lewis Ross (North Devon Wheelers – South Fork)
2 Harvey Morgan (Somerset RC – Bicycle Chain)
3 Thomas Punt (unattached)
Youth under 8:
1 Jack Webb (1st Chard Wheelers)
2 Henry Howells (Cycle Sport South Hams)
3 Oliver Ross (North Devon Wheelers – South Fork)

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British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.