Road: Ormston sprints to SERRL win

Road: Ormston sprints to SERRL win


Location: Kenardington, Kent
Event: 17 March 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports
Photo: Dave Hayward

Third cat rider Jason Ormston (Team Quest) secured a sprint victory in the second round of the South East Road Race League’s Summer Series, staged over a 63-mile course based around Kenardington in Kent on Sunday.

Ormston inched ahead of Bigfoot CC rival Paul Sewell at the end of the race, while PMR@Toachim House rider Rhyds Clegg completed the podium in third spot.


1 Jason Ormston Team Quest 3

2 Paul Sewell Bigfoot CC 2

3 Rhys Clegg PMR@Toachim House 2

4 Chris Dick London Phoenix 2

5 Rolandas Razgauskis La Fuga 2

6 Martin O'Grady PMR@Toachim House 2

7 Jonathan Harris GS Avanti 3

8 Simas Raguckas Private 4

9 Fraser Wildman PMR@Toachim House

10 Matt Holland Private Member 3

11 Simon Collins Dulwich Paragon 2

12 Keith Watson 4

13 Drew Holmes Southdown Bikes 3

14 Adam Capes London Dynamo

15 Sean O’Regan PMR@Toachim house 2v

16 Nick Malins 4T+ Velo Club 3

17 Alexander Camier Pedal Heaven 2

18 James Wallace London Phoenix 2V

19 Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon 3

20 Nick Collins PMR@Toachim House 3

21 Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon 2V

22 Michael Brown South Down Bikes 3

23 Colin Roshier Team Quest 3

24 Philip Riley Adalta 3

25 David Seager San Fair Ann CC 2

26 Nathan Hereward Kingston Wheelers 3

27 Ciaran O'Grady PMR@Toachim House 2

28 Dave McCann PMR@Toachim House 4

29 Sean McAuliffe Redhill CC 3

30 Andrew Macey Ashford Wheelers 3

31 David Flanagan San Fairy Ann CC 3

32 Aaron Cherry

U/C Richard Price London Phoenix CC 2

DNF Alexander Donaldson London Dynamo 3

DNF James Wood Catford CC 2J

DNF Michael Testori PMR@Toachim House

DNF Huck Garip PMR@Toachim House 4v

DNF George Moore ASL360 3

DNF Josh Parkin Aprire Bicycles RT Junior

DNF Stuart Featherstone 4T+ Velo 3

DNF Mark Jary VC Londres 3

DNF Peter Mahoney Sydenham Wheelers 3v

DNF Matthew Butt Team ASL360 2

DNF Jason Ginn Team ASL360 3

DNF Giles Porter London Dynamo 3

DNF Jorge Alberzoni London Dynamo 4

DNF Stuart Baldwin 4T+ Velo 3

DNF Steven Warnett 4T+ Velo Club 3v

DNF Phil Hoffman San Fairy Ann CC 4

DNF Craig Calder Bigfoot CC 3

DNF Scott Gilchrist 4T+ Velo Club 3

DNF Andrew Colvin Bigfoot CC 3

DNF David Shilland Bigfoot CC 2

DNF M Hawkins Norwood Paragon 3

DNF Shaun O'hara Essex Roads CC 3

DNF Richard Unwin VC Meudon 2

DNF Tyler Lemon Medway VC 3

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