Road: Woolf wins race 4 of ELV Days of Winter


Location: Redbridge Cycling Centre, Essex
Event: 2 February 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Teenager Kristian Woolf powered to a win in the fourth race of the ELV Days of Winter Series in Redbridge on Saturday.

The 17-year-old Prestige VC rider led from Twicknham CC’s Iain Palmer and Paul McGrath of North Road CC.

In his first race of the year, Kristian went with the break which left the bunch about 25 minutes into the race.

Palmer had gotten away but Woolf soon chased him down and the pair worked together for a lap and a half.

But Woolf kept up the pace which he had set and Palmer couldn’t cope with the youngster, eventually dropping away to leave a gap of around a minute and a half.

Speaking after the race, Kristian said:  “It was my first race of the year and I went into it not expecting anything really, it was just to see how my training had been going.

“My main aims this year are the Junior National Series and individual pursuit, as well as a lot of training.”

In the support race, it was London Dynamo’s Mike Debney who got away to cross the line ahead of Gunther Zechmann (Zappi’s CC) and Joseph Fry (R ST Racing Team).


1 Kristian Woolf (Prestige VC)
2 Iain Palmer (Twickenham CC)
3 Paul McGrath (North Road CC)
4 Joe Holloway (VC10)
5 Felix Barker (St Ives CC)
6 Louis Modell (East London Velo)
7 Colin Bailey (North Road CC)
8 Philip Hersey (Eagle RC)
9 Joshua Lawless (Aprire Bikes)
10 Philip Murrell (Finsbury Park CC)

Regional C+ 3, 4:
1 Mike Debney (London Dynamo)
2 Gunther Zechmann (Zappi’s Cycling Club)
3 Joseph Fry (RST Racing Team)
4 Matthew Menlove (Maldon and District CC)
5 Craig Chappell (East London Velo)
6 Stuart Clepp (ViCiOUS VELO)
7 Charlie Scot (CC Hackney)
8 Kendal Nostor (CC Hackney)
9 David Hemming (Rapha Condor CC)
10 Antonius Wubben (unattached)

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