Road: Fostun Wins Rhyl Circuit


Saturday 8

Rhyl Cycling Club's circuit races meeting at Marsh Tracks, Rhyl, on Saturday afternoon provided the best quality racing seen there in 2012 as Matt Fostun (Langdale Lightweights) gained a cheeky win in the main 1 hour 15 minutes long race after joining forces with Richard Hepworth (Cycle Premier-Kovert) and Will Haynes (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes) with only 20 minutes of brutal race gone. The race split and reformed many times in the early stages, constantly changing shape as a good number of elite and first category riders visiting the 1.25 km track for the first time stretched the field to its limits.

Local favourite Gerallt Allen (Rhyl CC) had an unfortunate puncture when well placed in the chasing group of seven, who closed to 20 seconds in the latter stages, but then gave more effort to fighting each other and drifted out of the picture. Meanwhile Fostun had a lap out for a mechanical and then looked to be losing touch at the bell with Yorkshireman Hepworth and Haynes, who both seemed to be doing more of the pacemaking. However into the last corner Fostun was in the lead, and held it over the last 200 metres with relative ease for a three length win from Hepworth and a rather unhappy Haynes.

VC Melyd's Terry Glynn and Rhos-On-Sea CC's Dylan Kerfoot-Robson provided two North Wales wins in the 3rd/4th category and Youth A races respectively in glorious conditions.


National B E/1/2/3

1    Matthew Fostun
2    Richard Hepworth
3    Will Haynes
4    Joe Holt
5    Luke Grivell-Mellor
6    Daniel Davies
7    Dan Whelan
8    Gruffudd Lewis
9    John Holt
10    Jacob Tipper
11    Todd Hotchkiss
12    Dave Starkey
13    Tim Challinor
14    Alan Forrester
15    Michal Predajna (Slovakia)
16    Alistair Young
17    Carwyn Henson
DNF    Gerallt Allen
DNF    Bevan Humphreys

Regional B 3/4

1    Terry Glynn
2    Adam Studzinski
3    Kristian Bond
4    Chris Williams
5    Alan Forrester
6    Paul Unsworth
7    Carwyn Henson
8    Paul Griffin
9    Alistair Young
10    Aled Pugh-Jones
11    Nigel Clark
12    James Alexander
13    Michal Predajna(Slovak)
14    Kirk Vickers
15    Alex Jones
16    Tim Challinor
17    John Noakes
18    David Dudley
19    David Woodley
20    Kevin Smith
21    Steffan Jones
22    Patrick Fotheringham

Youth A
1st    Dylan Kerfoot-Robson
2nd    Stephen Williams
3rd    Jake Lovatt
4th    Tom Harding
5th    Daniel Finnegan
6th    Pat Fotheringham
7th    Daniel Hignett

Youth B
1st    Joe Barnwell
2nd    Jack Nash
3rd    Morgan Hughes
Youth- ‘C’
1st    Twm Bryn
2nd    Nick Clarke
3rd    Ben Lewis
4th    Sven Grube
5th    Joseph Jones

Youth D
1st    Robert Price
2nd    Bryn Woodall
3rd    Owain Jones

Youth E
1st    Griff Lewis
2nd    Isaac Lawrence

Youth E Girls
1st G    Seren Jones


Terry Glynn


Adam Studzinski


Kristian Bond


Chris Williams


Alan Forrester


Paul Unsworth


Carwyn Henson


Paul Griffin


Alistair Young


Aled Pugh-Jones


Nigel Clark


James Alexander


Michal Predajna(Slovak)


Kirk Vickers


Alex Jones


Tim Challinor


John Noakes


David Dudley


David Woodley


Kevin Smith


Steffan Jones


Patrick Fotheringham