Road: Allen leads the way in Rhyl


Location: Rhyl, North Wales
Event: 29 August 2012
Report: Jon Harland

Gerallt Allen (Rhyl CC) continued his run of success at Rhyl's Marsh Tracks last Wednesday night under the streetlights, again involved in the animation of a high-speed race benefiting from several visitors from other tracks whose seasons have ended.

Over 30 riders duelled in drizzle, with Allen going clear with fellow North Walian Mike Cripps (Army CU) in the latter stages, the 16 year old heading for the line early to leave the 26 year old military cartographer unable to follow.

Another up and coming junior, RyanMorley (Fibrax Wrexham RC), took the 3rd and 4th cat section in the sprint six seconds behind Allen as the Graham Weigh Series goes in to its final 2 events.

In the Youth A race, Max Spedding (Birkenhead North End CC) completed a sterling solo effort with victory by 1 minute 15 seconds over Rhos-On-Sea CC's Alex Harvey and Tom Harding. Rhos's Jack Nash achieved the milestone of his first win in the Youth B race.


1 Gerallt Allen (Rhyl CC) 51:55
2 Mike Cripps (Army CU) 52:01
3 Matt Limacher (Champion System) 52.04
4 Dan Whelan (Onimpex Bio Racer RT)
5 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson (Rhos on Sea CC)
6 David Spencer (Fibrax Wrexham RC)
7 Paul Crabbe (unattached)
8 Tim Challinor (Para-T CT)
9 Alan Overson (VC Melyd)
10 Matthew Smithson (
1 Ryan Morley (Fibrax Wrexham RC)
2 Adam Howells (Fred Williams Cycles)
3 Aled Pugh Jones (Fibrax Wrexham RC)
4 Narren Jones (Team
5 Sion Jones (Rhos on Sea CC)
6 David Dudley (Rhos on Sea CC)
7 Steffan Jones (Clwb Beicio Dwyfor CC)
8 Tim Jones (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
9 Iwan Parry (Clwb Rasio Mona - Evolution Bikes )
10 Paul Griffin (Rhyl CC)
Under 16
1 Max Spedding (Birkenhead North End CC)
2 Alex Harvey (Rhos on Sea CC)
3 Tom Harding (DL)
Under 14
1 Jack Nash (Coed Llandegla North Wales MTB Association)
2 Joe Barnwell (Clwb Beicio Mynydd Dyffryn Conwy)
3 David Tudor (Rhyl Cycling Club)
Under 12
1 Sol Kerfoot-Robson (Rhos on Sea CC)
2 Craig Rogers (Birkenhead North End CC)
3 Twm Bryn (Clwb Beicio Dwyfor CC)
Under 10
1 Scott Williams (unattached)
2 Robert Price (unattached)
3 Bryn Woodall (DL)
Under 8
1 Andrew Clarke (Port Sunlight Wheelers CC)
2 Seren Woodall (DL)
3 Nia Barnwell (Clwb Beicio Mynydd Dyffryn Conwy)

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.