Scunthorpe Poly Circuit Race League

Scunthorpe Poly Circuit Race League


Location:  Blyton Park Driving Centre, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Event: 24 July 2012

After previous Tuesday night wash outs due to rain a warm sunny evening saw some good racing with the scratch riders in the youth and senior events all managing to bridge their handicaps to contest the finish for first place.

In the senior event Richard Moore and Mark Robins managed to escape the leading group on the last lap to take first and second with Andrew Marsh taking the bunch sprint for third.

The youth riders where spread all around the circuit each rider finishing alone after Max Williamson worked his way from scratch to catch all the riders to secure the win. Tom Yeats lost contact but managed to catch the series leader Max Poole on the last lap to take second.


E,1,2,3,4, Yth A Handicap 28.8 miles 18 laps                                          

1st          Richard Moore  Squadra Rt          1hr 1min 41sec

2nd        Mark Robbins    Scunthorpe Poly Cc         At 4sec

3rd         Chris Daddy        Squadra Rt          At 7sec

4th         Andrew Marsh  Dinnington          "

5th         Mark Cotton      Private Member               "

6th         Anthony Pearson             Scunthorpe Poly Cc         "

7th         Jacob Trotter     Squadra Rt          "

8th         Callum Rogers   Scunthorpe Poly Cc         "

9th         Richard Baldwin                Dinnington          "

10th       Simon Froberg  Dinnington          "


Youth B,C,D,E Handicap 8 miles 5 laps                                    

1st          Max Williamson                Lincsquad            21min 32sec

2nd        Tom Yeats           Lincsquad            At 29sec

3rd         Max Poole          Lincsquad            At 37sec

4th         Isabel Darvill       Newark Castle   At 1min 21sec

5th         Liam Hindmarsh                Gainsborough Aegir        At 1min 30sec

6th         Lois Crehan         Dinnington          At 1min 58sec

7th         Euan Crehan      Dinnington          At 2min 9sec

8th         Lewis Nutt          Dinnington          At 2min 29sec

9th         Leon Chapman  Clay Cross Rt      At 5min 32sec

10th       Matthew Woolley           Newark Castle   At 1 Lap