Carthy wins Peak Road Club - Evening Road Race

Carthy wins Peak Road Club - Evening Road Race


Location: Wigley, nr Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Event: 27 June 2012

Blue skies, a balmy evening and a challenging course were the ingredients for the second Peak RC evening RR on Wednesday.

A full field of 60 for this 2/3/4/J event promised that the action was going to be hot from the start on this resurrected Derbyshire course on the boundary of the Peak National Park.

Five and a half laps of the 6.5 mile course would see the riders hit the 1.2 mile of climb of Fox Lane, near Millthorpe, no less than six times. With a maximum gradient of 17% and only a brief respite halfway, this was always a course for the pain merchants with nowhere to hide, a welcome return to a selective course that last saw action in the 1990s.

To liven things up, cash primes from lap two at the top of the climb, and points on the line for the 1st five riders each time counted towards a race long points competition that was to prove the catalyst for a lot of the night's action.

Rolling out in convoy from the Fox and Goose Inn at Wigley, the riders had a chance to see the descent of Far Lane before the start was signalled. The action was immediate and a flurry of attacks and counter attacks through Millthorpe and onto the climb put half the field into trouble by the time they hit the climb for the first time.

By the summit, 14 riders had already split from a rapidly disintegrating bunch. With riders like Josh Cole of Bikebox, Steve Guymer of Active CP Cycles RT, Hugh Carthy of Champion Systems/axgear RT and Rob Watkinson of Doncaster Wheelers in the front group, the chase group of 6 forming behind had their work cut out. Last year's winner, Andy Prince of Staffordshire RC, and John May Memorial winner Danny Lowthorpe, Langsett Cycles RT, were amongst the favourites caught out by the early attacks and already on the back foot as they dangled within reach of the leaders. The bunch, on just the first climb, was splattered over two minutes.

Next time round and the leaders had split on the climb, with Lee Baldwin of Buxton CC taking the first prime, and the first points, from Guymer and Carthy. Rob Watkinson led the chase at 15 seconds behind this five man group with the bunch now spread over five minutes. Leading the remnants of the bunch through, Dinnington RC's Andrew Robinson just had the strength to tip his head towards the organiser and spit out, ‘Assassins’, later landing himself the best heckle award and a bagful of goodies from the race sponsor, la Bicicleta.

By the second prime the two front groups had come together. Despite the toll that the climb was taking, the sprint was still a hard fought affair, with Guymer this time edging out Lee Baldwin and Dean Parkes, Ioptix CC. Fifteen riders had come back together, leaving Out of The Saddle veteran, Steve Ellis, hanging in no man's land with the bunch well and truly distanced at three minutes. Leon Lewis, Thomas Sutton and Peter Anderson battled through after the bunch, refusing to give up, as the attacks started again at the front.

The third prime was the catalyst for the end of the front group. As the break blew apart and eight riders forged clear again, Dean Parkes and Lee Baldwin avenged their earlier defeat by Guymer. Significantly though, up and coming Carthy and Josh Coles were tucked comfortably in fourth and fifth, with the chasing group losing ground with every metre and the bunch now four minutes in arrears.

The winner was now sure to come from this group, and as Hugh Carthy exploded from the group on the fourth prime he left Guymer and Baldwin trailing in his wake, accelerating all the way over the brow. That was the last they saw of him, conceding another 30 seconds and leaving Carthy to crest the climb alone for the final time, taking the honours on one of the toughest courses around.

With the points contest still to be decided, the rest of the break blew apart as Cole led home the charge from Guymer, Ashley Proctor and Baldwin. Third place on the line was enough to give Guymer the points win from Baldwin and Carthy.

The first 3rd cat home was Sean Newbould, Featherstone RC in 13th place, with David Warriner the best of the 4th cats in 22nd. The combative prize was well earned by Team Elite's Jack Bowyer, dropped repeatedly from the break and fighting his way back on before finally exploding and heading back through the race.

With Carthy also bagging the best junior prize, he went home £85 better off. With Conti-UK donating a pair of top of the range GP4000s tyres for the winner, and a bottle of wine from Peak RC, that was a tidy pay day for a pleased Carthy, made even sweeter with the custom made winner's mug from Iowna Gem Ceramics.

Peak RC would like to give their sincere thanks to Craig and his team at the Fox and Goose for the generous use of their facilities again and a warm welcome. Sheffield cycle shop La Bicicleta once again supported the event, making sure all the riders were stocked with energy gels and providing additional prizes. Shelley Childs at Conti-UK continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of grass roots racing, and Iowna Gem Ceramics created another unique winner's mug.

Finally, thanks to everyone who gave up their evening to marshal or help out, and proving that there is still strong support for the sport at this level. Your Marshals tonight included a Tour of Britain rider from the 1950s, the Father of a UCI Pro-Tour pro, and three off duty local police officers.



Hugh Carthy


Josh Cole


Steve Guymer


Ashley Proctor


Lee Baldwin


Dean Parkes


James Baille


Rob Watkinson


Robert Aldard


Thomas Timothy


Benjamin Kellett


Nick Coupland


Sean Newbould


Ian Holbrook


Alex Mitchell


Andy Prince


Joshua Ferguson


Andrew Marsh


Nick Rylance


Andrew Phiri


Andrew Shaw


David Warriner


Steve Hodgson


Marc McLean


Andrew Robinson


Jack Bowyer


Alan Dawson


Luke Beswick


Ben Gillespie


Benjamin Harvey


Steve Ellis


Tom Bailley


Leon Lewis