Nigel Mansell takes a pitstop at Palatine Spring Special in Blackpool

Nigel Mansell takes a pitstop at Palatine Spring Special in Blackpool


Event: 16 June 2012
Location: Palatine Cycle Circuit, Blackpool

The Palatine Spring Special event on Saturday benefited from a visit from Formula One legend Nigel Mansell CBE who was on route from John O’Groats to Paris to raise awareness for the UK Youth charity and meet ordinary young people doing extraordinary things all over the UK.

On the day of the event, Nigel completed an 80 mile ride from Kendal to Blackpool in challenging conditions; in to a headwind and driving rain. Despite this, Nigel was keen to get out on to the circuit at Blackpool and experience the venue for himself. Nigel was also on hand to present the prizes and sign autographs for the winners of the 3rd Cat and 4th Cat races.

Today UK Youth’s work makes a lasting impact by encouraging young people to take responsibility and become involved citizens. It gives a voice to people who are too rarely heard and builds skills that will remain useful throughout their lives. To support Nigel on his challenge please click here and follow his live twitter feed @Mansell_Nigel #JoG2Paris for regular updates along the route.

The organisers have received a lot of positive feedback from both riders and families about the format of racing that has been delivered over the course of the three Spring Special events and will be meeting soon to develop plans for event delivery later in the year. Watch this space!


Under 8
1 James Higham H.Middleton CC
2 Nathan Fortune Kirklees Cycling Academy
3 Samuel Kendall Liverpool Century
4 Isobel Ware St Helens CRC
5 Alex McNulty St Helens CRC
6 Archie Brierley BYCA

Under 10
1 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels
2 Adam Fortune Kirklees Cycling Academy
3 Ben Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels
4 Emma McNulty St Helens CRC
5 Shannon Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle

Under 12
1 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle
2 Luke Cheetham Eastlands Velo
3 Daniel Gibson Liverpool Century RC
4 Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo
5 Issac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels
6 Cory Edmundson Cycle Sport Pendle
7 Dexter Sparrow BYCA
8 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century RC

Under 14
1 Tim Jones Bolton Hot Wheels
2 Alistair Leivers BYCA
3 Reece Player Mossley CRT
4 Joseph Baldwin Salt Ayre Cog Set
5 Sam Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set
6 Harry French Cycle Sport Pendle
7 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle

Under 16
1 Leon Mazzone RL 360
2 Oliver Payton Cycle Sport Pendle
3 Connor French Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Thomas Figgins Bolton Hot Wheels

Women 3rd & 4th Cats
1 Amy Gornall Cycle Sport Pendle
2 Nikola Butler Pedalsport RT
3 Charlotte Walton V S Cycles, Brighouse
4 Elizabeth Waterhouse University of Manchester CC
5 Lauren Brown Maxgear
6 Claire Rutherford Vivelo-Bikes/Inverse Cyclaim RT
7 Heather Bamforth VC St Raphael
8 Charlotte Newton H. Middleton CC

4th Cat Men
1 Josh Williams Paramount CC
2 Andrew Parker Lancaster University CC
3 Austin Aldred Cleveleys RC
4 Alex Haddock Manx Viking Wheelers
5 Alex Caws Vita Cycle Team
6 Neil Midgley Rock Racing Team UK
7 Neil Welsh Cycle Sport Pendle
8 Mark Turner Cycle Sport Pendle
9 Simon Mulholland Team Wallis CHH Racing Team
10 Mark Monkhouse Lancaster CC
11 Adam Hughes VC Melyd
12 Kevan Underhill Weaver Valley CC
13 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century CC
14 Peter Groom Liverpool Century CC
15 Adam Sant St Helens CRC
16 Darren French Cycle Sport Pendle
17 David Castillo Liverpool Century CC
18 Greg Plummer Lancs Fire Racing
19 Andrew Markham Lancaster CC
20 Alan Dorrington Planet X

3rd Cat Men
1 Ryan McGillick Mossley CRT
2 Leon Mazzone Royal London 360 IOM
3 Robert Lockhart Cyclesport International
4 Ian Earnshaw Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
5 Jonathan Rooke Wills Wheels Cycling Club
6 Lee Carter Ribble Valley CRC
7 Kamil Studzinski Brooks Cycles
8 Richard Line Stourbridge Velo
9 Colin Hodgson St Helens CRC
10 Scot Bullivant Rock and Road Cycles
11 James Chamberlain Cyclesport International
12 Richard Stott Cleveleys RC