Road: Fothergill wins North Yorkshire League R3


Location: The Ashfield Manor Country Hotel, Malton, North Yorkshire
Event: 14 June 2012
Photos: Craig Zadoroznyj

The sun made an uncustomary appearance for Malton Wheelers’ first ever road race in its 60 year history. It was still cold and rather windy, but the fact that there was no rain was a God send.

Nearly sixty riders were lined up at Ashfield Country Manor in Kirby Misperton for a 7pm kick off on a new course which involved narrow potholed roads, difficult bends and few hills thrown in for good measure.

Almost immediately, riders tried to get a gap from the bunch but attempts made along the twisty roads were soon gobbled up on the wide open roads from Little Habton into the wind.

A group of four riders got a break on lap two which looked hopeful but congestion of the motorised vehicular variety put an end to that unfortunately. There was a counter attack and another group of five riders split away from the main group of riders, but these were soon caught.

The same thing happened on lap 3, on lap 4 the now tiring peloton aloud a split to depart which included Pickering’s Patrick Mudd (Big Bear Bikes) and Norton’s Tom Atkinson (Dennis Distribution). Working together, they pulled further away from the peloton, where another five riders broke away.

Two groups of five riders were now racing away from nearly fifty riders trying not to let them out of their sights. These two groups merged, but in the process loosing a couple of riders.

On the fourth lap, Clifton CC rider Toby Everett gathered his team mates on the front of the main bunch and pulled back the group of eight riders in front. There was a counter attack by Christopher Fothergill of Rock Racing Team UK with only half a lap to go. Surely the bunch would not let him go?

While Chris was racing away to what seemed a clear victory, at the front of the peloton, riders were looking at each other to find out who would chase Chris down with the gap was increasing.

With continued glancing behind from Chris on the last uphill leg towards the finish, the gallop for second place was on. Christopher crossed the finish line exhausted but jubilant after his lone effort into the wind with David Morris of Harrogate Nova a few seconds away and Lewis Jackson of Cottingham Coureurs hard on his heels.

Enthusiastic thanks go to Malton Wheelers members and friends for putting on such a grand race.


1 Christopher Fothergill - Rock Racing - 3rd Cat
2 David Morris - Harrogate Nova - 3rd Cat
3 Lewis Jackson - Cottingham Coureurs - 3rd Cat
4 Ben Roberts - Bridlington CC - 3rd Cat
‎5 Peter Cox - Slipstream RT - 4th Cat
6 Darren Bendelow - Clifton CC - 3rd Cat
7 Constantin Manole - Rock Racing - 3rd Cat
8 Richard Douthwaite - Clifton CC - 4th Cat
9 Jason Livesey - Dirtwheels - 3rd Cat
10 Paul Drop - Wilsons Wheels - 3rd Cat

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.