Road: Gronlund climbs to CDNW win


Location: Doveholes, Derbyshire
Event: 27 May 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Gunnar Gronlund (RST Racing) made the most of his expertise in hill climbing to take victory in event 7 of the CDNW Road Race League on Sunday.

The 2011 National Hill Climb Champion battled it out with Kit Gilham (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes) on the final climb towards the finish line and managed to pull away from his opponent, giving the 24-year-old Swede victory by a couple of bike lengths.

After making an early break along with 18-year-old Sam Boast (Hope Factory Racing), Gronlund was at the forefront of the race for the entire duration, in the mix with a group which grew to eight strong before being whittled down to two on the final lap.

Gunnar Gronlund said: “There was a very early break in the race, on the first time up the climb. I got away and was joined by another rider from Hope Factory and we were soon joined by a couple more on the first lap.

“On the second, the group got bigger, about eight of us, all from the major teams. Everyone committed and worked together to stay up.

“Then in the last two laps, we raised the pace and some of the group dropped off and then I put a proper attack in on the last lap.

“Only one rider followed me and we battled it out on the final climb. I won only by a couple of bike lengths.

“I was really pleased with the race today, I was happy that the race finished on a climb because that’s my speciality and today was a great opportunity to do something good. I really hoped to win today.”



1 Gunnar Gronlund RST Racing Team - Trigon

2 Kit Gilham Herbalife/Leisure Lakes St

3 Rob Sharman Sportscover altura At 32s

4 Joe Kelly 100%ME St

5 Sam Boast Team Hope Factory Racing At 2:42s

6 Owain Doull 100%ME At 2:56s

7 Matthew Pilkington Team BGlobal St

8 Alistair Rutherford St

9 Joe Kirkham Hargroves St

10 Alastair Kay Herbalife-Leisure Lakes St

11 Lee Baldwin Buxton cc/sett valley cycles St

12 James Sampson Node 4 - Giordana St

13 Luke Grivell-Mellor Rapha Condor Sharp St

14 Richard Bott Herbalife/Leisurelakesbikes At 3:16s

15 Alister Slater 100%ME St

16 Daniel Storey RST Racing team St

17 Dillon Byrne At 3:55s

18 Thomas Armstrong mountivation junior acdemy At 5:24s

19 Ash Finn At 10:20s

20 Mark Lovatt Planet X St

21 Jonathan Cregeen Biketreks At 11.01s

22 Stuart Percival GB Fire Service At 11:18s

23 John Crellin TEAM WALLIS-CHH At 12:51s

24 Matthew Robinson All Terrain Cycles/One Global RT St

25 Mike Marshall Dirtwheels Cycles At 13:41s

26 Graeme Rose Dirtwheels St

27 Jacob Ragan maxgear At 15 mins

28 Joshua Ferguson Wheelguru RT St

29 Nathan Harrison Buxton CC St

30 Stephen Smith Vita Race Team St

31 Harry Grey St

32 Jimmy Froggatt Wills Wheels CC St

33 Rob Adlard Team Wheelguru St

34 Henry Hunter Team wallis chh St

35 David Giles Matrix Fitness - Prendas St

36 Steve Abbott St

37 Matt Love Unattached St

38 Milan Sihelsky kuota gsg spinergy St

39 Alex Simmons Swinnerton Cycles St

40 Dan Whelan Onimpex Bioracer RT St

41 Andy Leigh Velocity RT St


1 Aidan Holgate North Lancs Road Club

2 James Warren Bill Nickson Cycles RT St

3 James Knox Mountivation Junior Academy At 9s

4 Jeff Vernon Birkenhead North End St

5 Leigh Cowell Kuota GSG Spinergy At 23s

6 Tom Walsh Lancs RC St

7 Anthony Allan Macclesfield Wheelers At 28s

8 David Castillo Liverpool Century At 42s

9 Simon Wilkes liverpool century At 48s

10 Geraint Parry Liverpool Century At 1:06s

11 Andy Wearing Lentil worth wheelers At 1:16s

12 Tom Bracegirdle Team Elite St

13 Sandy Lockett Biketreks Racing Team St

14 Lee Brotzman Wills Wheels St

15 Ashley Clitheroe team St

16 Will Glover Shefrec cc St

17 Ian Rutherford Lune St

18 philip knupfer Manchester wheelers St

19 Phil Gray Kuota GSG Spinergy St

20 M Nell RSI race team At 1:42s

21 Fred Bamforth VC St Raphael At 2:12s

22 Matt Reid Man Wheelers At 3:08s

23 Tim Passmore Liverpool Century At 4:32s

24 James Chamberlain Cyclesport International RT At 7:46s

25 Ryan Pike High on bikes RT At 8:57s

26 Steve Thompson Clay cross road team St

27 James Rushton Aire Valley RT St

28 Tom Harcourt Blackhawks At 9:44s

29 Christopher Taylor Border City Wh At 10:10s

30 Adam Wood N/a At 11:24s

31 Andy Daley vita race team At 12:02s

32 Sarah Byrne For Viored At 12:20s

33 Ian Fagan Vita Cycle Team At 14:29s

34 Jonathan Rooke Wills Wheels CC At 16:04s

35 Rob Wilkinson Oldsm century St

36 Mark McGavock Southport CC At 18:21s

37 Zack Williamson Mossley C.R.T At 19:59s

38 Andrew Markham Lancaster CC At 21:20s

39 Stuart Clifton-Smith Cyclesport International At 21:40s

40 Geraint Parry Liverpool Century At 1 lap

41 Simon Wilkes liverpool century At 1 lap

42 David Castillo Liverpool Century At 1 lap

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.