Preview: Pro Cycle Hire UK Road Race

Preview: Pro Cycle Hire UK Road Race


Location: London Road, Essex
Event: 27 May 2012

Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team is promoting an elite road race on Sunday 17 June, just one week before the National Road Race Championships.

It will be held on the same circuit as used in previous years for the Eastern Road Race Championships with nearly six laps of a 15.5 mile circuit and an outward leg giving a full race distance of 97 miles.

With the Halfords Tour Series having been the focus for many teams over the previous weeks, this will be the last opportunity to finalise race form, at near championship distance, prior to the National Road Race Championships.

With a 9am start, the race will have a 70 rider E123 field. The circuit is at quite a distance from the race HQ at the Chesterford Community Centre, allowing all riders to have a good warm up prior to the drop of the flag. Each of the 15.5 mile laps will run through the villages of Radwinter, Hempstead, Castle Camps, Bartlow and Ashdon.

The finish itself is at the top of a short climb that starts out of a 90 degree left hand turn. “The climb starts off short and sharp but drags on until the finish line,” explains race organiser Dan Scott. “It’ll mean that riders will need to have quite a kick to sprint at the top of the hill if they are to contest the finish”.