Road: Ettles wins Sheriffston time trial


Location: Sheriffston, near Elgin
Event: 14 April 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Sandy Wallace Cycles rider Peter Ettles took a convincing victory in the Elgin CC 10-mile time trial at Sheriffston on Saturday, clocking 22-17 to take the victory by well over a minute.

48-year-old Ettles beat fellow Forres-based rider Callum Finlayson (Forres CC) by 1-14, while 43-year-old Elgin CC rider Paul Black was third, another 17 seconds off the pace.


1 Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cyles V 22:17
2 Callum Finlayson Forres C. C. S 23:31
3 Paul Black Elgin C. C. V 23:48
4 Kevin Lackie Moray Cycle Racing Team V 23:50
5 Brian Duncan Granite City RT S 24:04
6 Neil Dawson Forres C. C. V 24:07
7 Andy Cowie Moray Firth C. C. V 24:12
8 Gareth Luce Moray Cycle Racing Team S 24:16
9 Ian Humphries Sandy Wallace Cyles V 24:32
10 Ewan McDougall Elgin C. C. S 25:05
11 Peter Robertson Forres C. C. V 25:07
12 Charles Fletcher Cairngorm C. C. S 25:33
13 Douglas Cowie Forres C. C. V 25:59
14 Ben Miller Nevis Cycles JM 26:00
15 Kevin Hardman Elgin C. C. V 26:09
16 Kevin Thomson Moray Cycle Racing Team V 26:22
17 Laura Nicolson Moray Firth C. C. F 26:23
18 Hector Nicolson Moray Firth C. C. V 26:25
19 Ross Clark Unattached S 26:34
20 Finlay Strivens Cairngorm C. C. JM 26:41
21 Penny Phillips Moray Firth C. C. F 26:42
22 Kevan Sturgeon Moray Cycle Racing Team V 26:53
23 Hamish Irvine Cairngorm C. C. V 27:02
24 Edward Fletcher Cairngorm C. C. YM 27:23
25 Nick Thom Ythan C. C. V 27:35
26 Eric Davidson Moray Firth C. C. S 27:49
27 Jenni Nicholson Sandy Wallace Cyles FV 28:10
28 Mike Giles Ythan C. C. V 28:24
29 George Grant Forres C. C. V 28:34
30 Elizabeth Barr Forres C. C. FV 28:39
31 Carol Middleton Ythan C. C. FV 29:27
32 Mary Eagleson Ross-shire Roads FV 30:10
33 Peter McLean Elgin C. C. V 30:40
34 Emma Finlayson Forres C. C. YF 30:46
35 Lewis Goodlad Ythan C. C. YM 31:13
36 Jake Carpenter Forres C. C. YM 31:52
37 Rona Strivens Cairngorm C. C. YF 40:34

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.