Start list for Perf's Pedal Race confirmed

Start list for Perf's Pedal Race confirmed


Location: D-Day Memorial Hall, High Street, Southwick, Portsmouth
Event: 12 February 2012

The starting list for the 47th Perf's Pedal Race in Southwick, Portsmouth, has been confirmed for the 12 February event.

Riders will take on a full five laps of the 8.5 mile circuit before racing out to the finish in Southwick, Portsmouth. Endura Racing, Team UK Youth, Hargroves Cycles-Specialized and VC St Raphaël are amongst those who are set to have riders present.

Spectators have been asked that if they are circulating the course whether on cycles or in a motor vehicle, in an opposite direction to the race, they stop, preferably off the road, when the race approaches them to allow the race safe passage.

View the full race programme and starter list.