George Pearl ready to make Premier Calendar step up with GWR


Newly signed rider for GWR George Pearl has expressed his excitement for the 2012 season with a fresh team around him.

Pearl won this year’s Eagle Crits, attacking on lap two of thirty and at the top of the climb to the finish at Redbridge, taking the win. Of the British races Pearl is particularly keen to perform at the Tour of Dengie Marshes.

Asked what his goals are for 2012, he said: “Next year, I’m making the step up to Premier Calendar races in the UK which should be interesting to say the least. I’m going to try and get a ride in Dengie Marches tour and Rutland because they are real .guts and glory’ races. The idea of racing the Lincoln excites me as well but I will just have to see what happens in regards to riding it.

“I’m also going to get over to the continent a fair bit, racing for both GWR and hopefully their partner team, Terra. One race I’m really gunning for is ‘Fleche Du Sud’ which looks savage, but I’m going to have to be flying to even get a ride, let alone be competitive.”

Pearl also explains that he chose to pursue a place with the GWR team because their aims match his in terms of racing in 2012. “They seem to have developed a system that works and is adaptable to an individual’s needs and abilities” he said.

“I met all the lads a few weeks ago in Swindon and I had a great day. The guys are all top lads and the team is very clear cut and concise with their goals and expectations, which is refreshing.”

Asked his approach to the winter training, Pearl concluded: “I’m taking a pretty old school approach to winter training. Loads and loads of miles for which there can be no substitute. I go out with Simon Alexander and Sam Connelly when I can which always leads to an interesting time. It’s hard to believe how much ‘supermanning’ and wheelies you can squeeze into a ride before it mucks up all your training data!”