Road: Parnell Takes Maiden Victory

Road: Parnell Takes Maiden Victory


Location: Shaftesbury CC Hall, Shaftesbury
Event: 4 September 2011
Report: Ralph Mullen

A beautiful sunny day greeted the riders on the undulating Thaxted course in Essex and after the significant neutralised zone early efforts to split the pack could be seen from numerous riders.

One attack from Darren Cainey (East London Velo) did succeed after two laps and gained a critical mass of about seven riders for the rest of the race holding a lead that stabilised at 1:30 for the remaining laps. Patrick Schils was the main protagonist in attempting to bridge the gap and a group of three riders formed in the no man's land between the lead group and the main field but never really threatened to catch them. All that was left was for the race to run its course and the lead group of what was now six riders to battle it out for the honours.

A long clear straight indicated the finish zone and there was much position changing and wheel sucking before Robert Parnell (Cambridge University CC) proved the stronger and pipped Daniel Young (Glade CC) and Robert Moore (London Phoenix) for top spot. This was Roberts's maiden victory on the road and the pleasure was evident in his face at the end. Shaftesbury CC would like to thank to all who helped with the organising of this successful and enjoyable event.


1. Toby Parnell  Cambridge University CC
2. Daniel Young  Glendene CC
3. Robert Moore  London Phoenix CC
4. Darren Cainey  East London Velo
5. John Peters  CC Luton
6. Ben Wright  VC Revolution
7. Jonathan Shuster  Stowmarket & District CC
8. Patrick Schils  Velo Schils - Interbike RT
9. Robert Windsor  East London Velo
10. Russell Ford  Glade CC
11. Paul Ratcliffe  Victoria-Ciclos Uno-PCA-Pro-Lite CC
12. Ian Franklin  PCH UK Racing Team
13. Gavin Rumbles  CC Luton
14. Christopher Bulley  Shaftesbury CC
15. Samuel Gilzean  Welwyn Whls CC
16. Marco Coppola  Gemini BC
17. Oliver Glackin  East London Velo
18. Gonzalo Rodriguez  East London Velo
19. Nigel Stephens  Finchley Racing Team
20. Daniel Crawley  PCH UK Racing Team
21. Matthew Garfield  Fenland Clarion CC
22. Gavin Moore  Stowmarket & District CC
23. Nick White  East London Velo
24. Gerard Miley  St Ives CC
25. Steven Smith  Clay Cross RT
26. Mark Warren  Fenland Clarion CC
27. Lubomir Belak  Welwyn Whls CC
27. Tom Fitzpatrick  WyndyMilla Maxifuel
29. Benjamin Brown  Cycling Club Hackney
30. Osama Assem  Finchley Racing Team
31. Nigel Hobday  Cambridge CC
32. Daniel Snow  Glendene CC
33. Trevor Ormes  Velo Schils - Interbike RT
34. Matt Cowan  PCH UK Racing Team
35. Steve Kaye  Fenland Clarion CC
36. Mark Hurrell  Velo Schils - Interbike RT
37. James Browne  VC Norwich
38. David Youell  Eagle RC
39. Frank Rawlins  North Road CC
40. Ian Samuel  Crest CC - Ilford
41. Michael Rostoft  Chelmer CC
42. Glenn O'Brien  CC Luton
43. Jason Jeffers  East London Velo
44. Daniel Scott  PCH UK Racing Team
45. Iain Hibbert  West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
46. Ben Locke Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club
47. Hugo Robins  East London Velo
48. Mark Porter  Glade CC
DNF Digby Symons  Cambridge CC
DNF Simon Bateson  East London Velo
DNF Philip Thomerson  VC Norwich
DNF Stuart Pryce  Nottingham Clarion
DNF Chris Hughes  Cambridge CC