Preview: Premier Calendar Finale

Preview: Premier Calendar Finale


Location: Richmond, North Yorkshire
Event: 4 September 2011


The British Cycling Premier Calendar Series will be decided this weekend as riders gear up for the Richmond Grand Prix with Motorpoint Pro Cycling currently occupying the top three spots in the overall standings.

Leader Ian Bibby failed to pick up any points in last weekend's Twinings Pro-Am Classic but with teammate Jonathan McEvoy finishing fourth and Marcin Bialoblocki tenth, there is just 41 points separating the top three with McEvoy just eight points shy of Bibby. Matt Cronshaw (Team Raleigh) and Zak Dempster (Rapha Condor Sharp) make up the top five although it would need an exceptional result for either rider to take the overall crown.

The Richmond GP itself will see the riders tackling an 82 mile course, starting and finishing in Richmond Market Place. The route of the 2011 event follows a 50 mile loop up Swaledale, featuring the 300m, two mile climb of the Butter Tubs pass, returning down Wensleydale to complete three 10 mile laps of the gruelling Waithwith circuit before the final run back to the Market Place.

Richmond GP map

The route for the Richmond GP

Previous winners of the GP include Yorkshire-man Russ Downing (2007 and 2008), now riding for Team Sky, Alex Dowsett (2009), also with Team Sky and Kristian House (2010), returning this year with Rapha Condor Sharp.

Rider List

No Forename Surname Team
1. Samuel Harrison 100% ME
2. Joseph Kelly 100% ME
3. James Cartridge Adeo Cadence Race Team
4. James Dobbin Adeo Cadence Race Team
5. Karl Hine Adeo Cadence Race Team
6. Chris Snook Banjo
7. James Jones Beeline Bicycles RT
8. James Alder
9. Anthony Moye CC Luton
10. Dale Appleby - Metaltek
11. Tom Barras - Metaltek
12. Ross Creber - Metaltek
13. Ashley Finn - Metaltek
14. Stephen Gallagher - Metaltek
15. Clem Berrill Cycling Club Hackney
16. Rhys Howells Cycling Club Hackney
17. Colm  Cassidy Cycling Leinster
18. Mark  Dowling Cycling Leinster
19. Anthony Doyle Cycling Leinster
20. Tighernach  Murphy Cycling Leinster
21. Fiacra  O'Muire Cycling Leinster
22. Anthony  Walsh Cycling Leinster
23. David Clarke Endura Racing
24. Maarten De Jonge Endura Racing
25. Robert Hayles Endura Racing
26. James Moss Endura Racing
27. Evan Oliphant Endura Racing
28. Scott Thwaites Endura Racing
29. Callum Wilkinson Endura Racing
30. Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing
31. Gary Hand Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
32. David Lines Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
33. Scott McCrossan Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
34. Douglas Young Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
35. Robert Hassan Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
36. Liam  Cowie Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
37. Jordan Stokes Endura/Pedalpower Development Team
38. Jack Adams Forme Impsport Sanlamere
39. Will Fox Forme Impsport Sanlamere
40. Robert Orr Forme Impsport Sanlamere
41. Simon Baxter Herbalife/
42. Jack Cutsforth Herbalife/
43. Alastair Kay Herbalife/
44. Ian Taylor Herbalife/
45. Andrew Coupe Herbalife/
46. Andrew  Hawdon Herbalife/
47. Chris Bartlett Marco Polo
48. Peter Vincent Mid Devon CC
49. Will Berjgfelt Motorpoint Pro Cycling
50. Marcin Bialoblocki Motorpoint Pro Cycling
51. Ian Bibby Motorpoint Pro Cycling
52. Malcolm Elliott Motorpoint Pro Cycling
53. Tobyn Horton Motorpoint Pro Cycling
54. Johnny McEvoy Motorpoint Pro Cycling
55. James Sampson Motorpoint Pro Cycling
56. Pete Williams Motorpoint Pro Cycling
57. Rowan Dever Pasta Montegrappa - Zheroquadro
58. Wojciech Szlachta Pasta Montegrappa - Zheroquadro
59. Mark Holt Pasta Montegrappa - Zheroquadro
60. Yanto Barker Pendragon - Le Col - Colnago
61. Junior Heffernan Pendragon - Le Col - Colnago
62. Rhys Lloyd Port Talbot Wheelers/CJ Construction Group
63. Hefin Price Port Talbot Wheelers/CJ Construction Group
64. Dan Craven Rapha Condor Sharp
65. Zak  Dempster Rapha Condor Sharp
66. Ben Greenwood Rapha Condor Sharp
67. Kristian House Rapha Condor Sharp
68. Andrew Tennant Rapha Condor Sharp
69. Jonathan Tiernan-Locke Rapha Condor Sharp
70. Dean Windsor Rapha Condor Sharp
71. Edward Clancy MBE Rapha Condor Sharp
72. Stephen Adams Sigma Sport Specialized
73. Thomas Copeland Sigma Sport Specialized
74. Kit Gilham Sigma Sport Specialized
75. Steve Lampier Sigma Sport Specialized
76. Tom Last Sigma Sport Specialized
77. Tom Murray Sigma Sport Specialized
78. Simon Richardson Sigma Sport Specialized
79. Wouter Sybrandy Sigma Sport Specialized
80. Russell Downing Sky Pro Cycling
81. Ashley Brown Sportscover Strategic
82. Tom Bustard Sportscover Strategic
83. Collin Humphrey Sportscover Strategic
84. Duncan Moralee Sportscover Strategic
85. John Tanner Sportscover Strategic
86. Jamie Caldwell St Ives CC
87. Richard Cartland Team Corley Cycles
88. Ashley Cox Team Corley Cycles
89. Simon Gaywood Team Corley Cycles
90. Matthew Higgins Team Corley Cycles
91. Chris McNamara Team Corley Cycles
92. Mark Wordsworth Team Corley Cycles
93. Michael Smith Team Corley Cycles
94. Scott  Law Team Qoroz
95. Ben Stockdale Team Qoroz
96. Tom Stockdale Team Qoroz
97. Mike Thelwell Team Qoroz
98. Matt Ullmer Team Qoroz
99. Luke Dunbar Team Qoroz
100. Matt Cronshaw Team Raleigh
101. Dan Fleeman Team Raleigh
102. Richard Handley Team Raleigh
103. Liam Holohan Team Raleigh
104. Jeroen Janssen Team Raleigh
105. Gael Le Bellec Team Raleigh
106. Ryan Parnes Team Raleigh
107. Jamie Sparling Team Raleigh
108. Magnus Backstedt Team UK Youth
109. Steven Burke Team UK Youth
110. Niklas Gustavsson Team UK Youth
111. Freddy Johansson Team UK Youth
112. Gruffudd Lewis Team UK Youth
113. James Lowsley-Williams Team UK Youth
114. David McGowan Team UK Youth
115. James Stewart Team UK Youth
116. Michael Cuming Twenty3c-Orbea
117. Rafael Segarra Rodriguez Private
118. Jack Pullar
119. Liam Armstrong VC Briganti - Cycleways RT
120. Conor Ryan Velo Club Montpellier
121. Rob Carter Velo29 Cycling Team
122. Michael Dales Velo29 Cycling Team
123. Christopher Mark Velo29 Cycling Team
124. Joe Norledge Velo29 Cycling Team
125. Jack Rees Velo29 Cycling Team
126. Daniel Smith Velo29 Cycling Team
127. Thomas Timothy Velo29 Cycling Team
128. Sam Ward Wills Bros Racing
129. Jack Cousins Wills Wheels Cycling Club
130. David Shackleton Wilsons Wheels Race Team
131. Henry Furniss WindyMilla Maxifuel
132. Adam Cotterell WyndyMilla Maxifuel
133. Alex Higham WyndyMilla Maxifuel
134. Danny Lowthorpe Rutland CC
135. Russell Falder Mammoth Lifestyle RT
136. Jack Kirk Multipôle Etang de Berre