Meadows Keeps Dobson Series Lead

Meadows Keeps Dobson Series Lead


Location: Middlesborough Cycle Circuit Prissick Sports Centre, Middlesborough
Event: 9 August 2011
Report: Dan Smith

The penultimate round of the Martyn Dobson Memorial Series saw some exciting racing at all levels with some interesting tactical riding keeping the spectators guessing what might happen.

Richard Meadows (above) (winning at the Velo29 Stockton Riverside Races) still has the overall lead with one race to go

There was some enthralling tactical racing as riders placed in the top 10 started riding for the overall title. With only two weeks left, results would have a big impact on the final outcome.

The scratch group lacked its usual organisation this week, with many riders trying to bridge the gap to the front group on their own or by taking only a small group of riders with them.  This meant that the 3rd and 4th cat groups easily stayed away long enough to take the points for the green jersey.  Martin Hopkinson (Fietsen Tempo) once again won the sprint and strengthened his lead in the competition over Graham Topp (Stockton Wheelers).  Martin needs to gain only one point in the final round to guarantee victory in the green jersey competition.

There were less than 10 riders from the scratch group that caught the handicap groups, and the only riders from the top five overall to get across were series leader Richard Meadows (Velo29) and team mate Michael Dales.  Richard however failed to capitalise on the opportunity to distance his rivals as he steered off the track and onto the grass in the final sprint.

The event was however won in style by Thomas Timothy (Velo29), who soloed clear of the group with two laps to go to win by a straight from the rapidly closing bunch as they sprinted for the line.

Youth Racing

The C, D and E categories once again completed eight laps and the A & B categories 15 laps of the Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit. Eight out of 10 of the youth categories were represented. The winners were:

Boys A: Bradley Naughton
Boys B: Matthew Worton
Boys C: Nathan Smith
Girls C: Megan Hopper
Boys D: Connor Eyeington
Girls D: Abi Smith
Boys E: Zachary Johnston
Girls E: Hannah Liddel


1. Thomas Timothy (Velo29)
2. Harry Tanfield (Wallis Cycles)
3. Kevin Byers (Fietsen Tempo)
4. Graham Topp (Stockton Wheelers)
5. Simon Baxter (Herbalife Wheelbase)
6. Taylor Cardus (Velo29)
7. Chris Mark (Velo29)
8. Michael Dales (Velo29)
9. Mike Rennison (Cleveland Wheelers)
10. Stu Morris (Fietsen Tempo)

Overall Standings

1. Richard Meadows (Velo29) 21 pts
2. Harry Tanfield (Wallis Cycles) 17 pts
3. Giles Pidcock (Epic Cycles) 16 pts
4. Thomas Timothy (Velo29) 15 pts
5. Alex Bottomley (Fietsen Tempo) 15 pts
6. Michael Dales (Velo29) 14 pts
7. David Johnson (Adept Precision) 13 pts
8. Kevin Byers (Fietsen Tempo) 12 pts
9. Marcus Smith (Black Hawk Bikes) 10 pts
10. Rob Carter (Velo29) 10 pts