Road: Szlachta Wins Toachim House GP

Road: Szlachta Wins Toachim House GP


Tenterden, Kent, 83 miles
Promoted by: South East RRL
Event: 31st July 2011
Report: Snowdon Sports

GOING clear in the final three miles, Wojciech Szlachta (Pasta Montegrappa-Zheroquadro) won the Toachim House Grand Prix in Kent on Sunday.

The 25-year-old Cambridge based rider crossed the line 14 seconds ahead of Sigma Sport rival Tom Copeland, having dropped his breakaway companion in the closing stages.

The pair were part of a break of around 17 riders which went away almost as soon as they had embarked on the 83-mile race, which was moved to the Tenterden course because of roadworks on the scheduled Chilham course.

Covering almost seven laps of the circuit, the riders worked well together to stay clear of the bunch, and were helped in that cause by a crash at the back which took down 29 riders, although thankfully none were seriously injured.

The fast pace splinted both the break and the bunch, and Szlachta powered on with Copeland and established a lead of around 40 seconds over the remains of the larger break.

But Szlachta soloed to the finish in Appledore after shaking off Copeland, while the remains of the break came home around a minute off the pace and the bunch were 2-00 behind, led in by Luke Wallis (Sigma Sport).

Wojciech Szlachta wins the Toachim House Grand Prix.

1 Wojciech Szlachta (Pasta Montegrappa-Zheroquadro) 3:19:36
2 Tom Copeland (Sigma Sport) @ 14sec
3 Chris McNamara (Team Corley Cycles) @ 47sec
4 Marcel Six (Twenty 3C-Orbea) @ 57sec
5 Lewis Atkins (Twenty 3C-Orbea)
6 David McLean (Pasta Montegrappa)
7 Nicolas Hutchings (CS Gruppetto) all @ same time
8 John Veness (Handsling Racing) @ 59sec
9 Alex Higham (Wyndy Milla) @ 1:10
10 Luke Wallis (Sigma Sport) @ 2:00